The Best Workout Music

Working out can be painful. Personally, when I go to the gym, I blast my music through my headphones so the person next to me usually hears it too. If I'm not doing that, then I'm probably thinking about how much I hate my roommate for dragging me there. While I’m always happy I went after, the during is painful. For a long time, I felt like I was bored while doing cardio because I didn’t have good music.

After years of resenting the gym, I found a mix on soundcloud of music. It was exactly an hour long and had my favorite songs remixed into one track. It was literally a dream come true. The mix was at just the right tempo that it actually pushed me to run harder or do more. The Big Bootie mixes effectively changed the way I thought about the gym. Instead of dreading going and thinking of new curse words, I put a mix on and find that the time goes by faster and I like what I'm doing.


The music has the right beat so it is easier to run to or do push ups to. The mix also has changes in the songs so if you want to do push ups for 30 seconds and then change to curl ups, the song changes are perfect for that as well. This mix hypes you up for whatever you’re doing and makes the gym definitely more enjoyable. The next time you go to the gym and are looking for some new music, Big Bootie Mix is definitely the way to go.


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