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Be True to Yourself: Casey Molina

Meet Casey Molina. She’s a sophomore double-majoring in Journalism and International studies —and not to mention— a YouTuber creating inspiring and original content on her channel. 

YouTube channel: Mol-ti-tasking

Casey Molina is the perfect example of someone who is not afraid to be herself and express her true opinions—all while putting herself on the internet. Casey courageously started making YouTube videos just last year and has been expanding her channel since. We can all learn a lesson from Casey, whether it be about relationship advice, a different perspective on a controversial issue, how to battle depression in college, or many others from her other videos.

Q- Describe your channel:

Casey: My channel is mostly lifestyle and advice. I like to touch on topics that are important in my life. Recently, it has been about current and controversial topics like Black Lives Matter, depression in college and politics. I also like to make more lighthearted videos like my adventures with my friends or just fun tips.

Q-How has making YouTube videos affected your life?

Casey: It has affected me in mostly positive ways. I think though it has also caused me to have thicker skin because I have had to be much more conscious about the content I post because of the backlash I could get. I also think about the people in my life that will see it, like my family and friends. Most of the time though, I do not let that stop me from posting videos with content that I want to talk about.

Q-Has anyone you don’t know told you that they can relate to your videos?

Casey: Actually, most of the people who comment on my videos are people that I have no idea who they are. It is pretty interesting to me because when I was younger, I remember thinking about social media and thought it was just kind of communicating with strangers. Now that I make YouTube videos though, I realize how powerful it is. When you make videos with advice you do not know who needs it, but everyone has access to it.   

Q-What has been your favorite video to create?

Casey: I am going to say that my favorite video that I have created, just because of the impact it has had on people, is a video called Depression in College and I get the most heartfelt comments saying that the video really helped them and they can relate to how I felt when I came to college.    

Q- How long does it take you to come up with an idea and then film/edit a video that you are happy with?

Casey: Coming up with an idea is never on a timetable for me, it is more of an extensive process. I have a little marble notebook and whenever I just think of something I want to make a video about then I will write it down in there. Throughout the week if I have time I will just elaborate on those ideas and right before the video I will sit down to think more about the specifics so I won’t talk endlessly because I tend to make my videos kind of long. Filming a video usually takes me about thirty minutes and editing the video usually takes me about an hour and a half. That is an extensive process and it is kind of tedious some times because of all the little things that you want to be perfect in the video, but you then realize that the content is more important than how beautifully the video is edited.

Q-What are your future plans for your YouTube channel?

Casey: I will continue to post on YouTube as long as I am happy with my content. I still am planning on posting one video a week because of my busy schedule and also because I feel that I can actually have an interesting topic. I also want YouTube to take me places. Traveling and vlogging to me is the epitome of a dream job.  

Q-What are your passions?

Casey: I think that YouTube has made me realize that one of my passions in life is to help people. By making videos, I really enjoy how many people I have connected and communicated with. I would also say that another one of my passions is to travel. I think it would be awesome if my YouTube channel could be a way to travel. I would love to do more vlogs of me going to really cool places.

Q-Any messages or life lessons you would like to share from your videos?

Casey: I think the most important advice I want to share is that you have to be true to yourself. Just be respectful of others and be authentic.  And If you are ever interested in making your own content, just do it. Do not be afraid of what other people say.

Make sure to check out Casey’s YouTube channel

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