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Dear Blacksburg,

I visited you for the first time during my senior year of high school in 2017 during an open house. I knew I was going to apply to Virginia Tech no matter what. That trip made me realize that I truly wanted to attend this school, and it was a desirable option for me aside from its in-state location. I was drawn to the academics, dining and sports, but I was also drawn to the town and campus. I felt welcomed just by walking around and meeting faculty and students.

The atmosphere was unlike anything I’d encountered before, even considering that I accompanied my older siblings on a bunch of their college visits as well. In total, I’ve been to Pitt, Penn State, UVA, UMD, UNC Greensboro, Elon, College of Charleston, Carnegie Mellon, University of South Carolina, UMich, JMU, George Mason and, of course, Virginia Tech. You were the last college town I decided to visit before making my decision to commit to Virginia Tech. I even visited you one last time that spring during the accepted freshmen event, which reaffirmed my preference.

You were home for me during my entire freshman year of college. I discovered Benny’s, Sugar Magnolia, Insomnia Cookies, Cookout, Waffle House, Cabo Fish Taco, 622 North, Mellow Mushroom, Gillie’s and Green’s. I watched your extravagant sunsets from places like the Pylons, Duck Pond and Perry Street Parking Garage. I explored campus and downtown hopeful that this was the place where I was going to find lifelong friends and make the best memories. Spoiler alert: I have.

I couldn’t return to you to finish my spring 2020 semester — no one could. I did briefly pick up my belongings one day that summer since I was moving to a different apartment. Then, I came back for the fall 2020 semester with the intention of finally being able to stay again as a student for the whole school year, despite all the virtual classes and social distancing guidelines. But I had to leave after the first week of classes, staying home for the rest of that semester and the spring 2021 one.

I finally came back to you this semester, fall 2021. I’ve tried to make the most out of having an almost fully in-person experience again. I’ve been involved in clubs, went to several football games, lived in the brand-new residence hall, and attended as many classes as possible. I’ve even recently picked up skateboarding, not only as a method of transportation around campus, as a way to exercise and feel a sense of freedom.

Although I might want to get away from you every so often, even just to Christiansburg sometimes, I’ll always appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given here and the possibilities I’ve envisioned during my time on campus. I have only a couple of weeks before moving out again since I’m studying abroad next semester, which I’m still ecstatic about. But don’t worry — I can’t wait to see you again for one last school year starting in fall 2022.


Sophia Campana

Virginia Tech '23

Sophia is a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Professional and Technical Writing and minoring in Human-Computer Interaction. In her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar, coding, skateboarding, reading, and listening to music.
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