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A Freshman’s Thoughts on VT Food

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Virginia Tech, one of the top five schools in the United States for food. I am not going to lie, it was one of the pros that factored into me coming to this school. As a picky eater, I needed to know, would it hold up? Would I starve myself because it was bad or use all of my money because it was too good? Well, in all honesty the latter was true but that doesn’t mean all the food spots on campus are at this caliber. Some are amazing, some are decent, and some are bottom of the barrel and I, Brooklyn Harris, am going to make sure you know the best places from the standpoint as a picky eater freshman.


 Of course I would rank Turners top tier. It has food honestly for any occasion i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. Whenever I think about eating, that’s the first place that comes to mind. Sure, it’s super far out there on the academic side but, I think it also adds to its desirability like “I know I shouldn’t but should I?”. It has me always questioning this. Turner’s is the perfect pick me up that I need when I have a rough day in classes….it may also help that my last classes of the day are at Randolph, which is right next to Turners. But even then, the Jamba Juice is great to drink when you are having a horrid day and then have some home styled food from 1872, which is absolutely amazing when you are home sick. Sign me up for some steak and mashed potatoes! I am telling you, it is to die for. 

West End

West End would be the top choice, but it can be a bit pricey for some chicken tenders and fries, you get me? But, I do have to say the food here is top notch. It’s more of a place for dinner if I am being frank —other than their Beignets which only are there once in a blue moon— I also appreciate the variety with the food. There’s pasta, wraps, pizza, salads, you name it? They probably have something akin to it. Also, when I walk into West End, I feel so high class. It looks like an absolute restaurant there. To be honest, I wouldn’t even mind someone taking me on a date to West End. Imagine, candlelight romantic dinner at West End dining…it sounds better probably than what it would be but, still. I would find it upper class dining. If anyone has a date at West End can you please like email or let me know if it was a good experience? Because now I am majorly curious. 


Now D2 is lovely for the broke college kid in me. An all you can eat buffet? Sign me up please! There’s so many options on what to eat, I find it a bit overwhelming but it’s good that there are so many options especially when you want a little of everything. The place is spacious and the food is so so good. Nothing to complain specifically about, the place is amazing to eat and it is located well on campus, overall a good place to eat. 

Hokie Grill

 Chick Fil A, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin Donuts. Three name brand places, three college kid dreams. Chick Fil A and Pizza Hut are sooooo good, and the food is pretty rad. Sad thing about Chick Fil A though, is that they never have milkshakes, which can put a damper on things. Now the Pizza Hut breadsticks and pizza, woah. Now that is some good food. Mmmm just thinking about it sounds great. Also Dunkin Donuts is amazing with their drinks, the only issue is how the icing on their donuts doesn’t stay? It’s weird how it falls apart in your hand. Now Hokie Grill is a beautiful place to eat but it can be pricey and I also don’t appreciate how ginormous the lines are. It can really dampen the experience, you feel me?

Au Bon Pain

This bakery and cafe are always the highlights of my morning. The staff at each one are very sweet to me. Also, the food and pastries are really good, especially the croissants. I am an absolute fiend for them. Oh and their frozen lattes are too good. It is pricey and it’s always either Squires or the Graduate Life Center one open and it can be a tad inconvenient but other than that, no real big complaints.

Shun Matsuhashi / Spoon

Now everyone is going to hate this ranking but, hear me out. Owens is okay but accessible. It’s easy for anyone to get and I believe that’s the biggest appeal regarding it. Freshens smoothies? Amazing. Sweet coffee? Sign me up. But the actual food in Owens? It’s….alright. Nothing special. It tastes just alright to me. Nothing that I really want to crave. I just think it’s close by and if I am hungry, it’s an option at least. Also, it’s affordable so that helps. 

Burger 37

 It is almost highway robbery. I only go there for the fries and milkshakes. Their milkshakes are the pride of this place if I am being honest. Like the burgers are….okay but nothing really special. The milkshakes are so good and they are honestly the equivalent of finding a unicorn. They are unique and when you are able to order one it is like, yessss. The milkshakes are so amazing but the wait time? No thanks. Also for a girl on around 300 dollars left to her a dining plan, this place is sucking up all my coins for what? A milkshake. Trust, if McDonalds was straight up on campus, I am sure it would run this place down into the ground. 


Deetz is very sweet but it is not the best when it comes to anything else. The place is usually packed and their milkshakes are expensive with it being around $1.15 for a topping and with my ‘broke girl sweet tooth’ lifestyle, this place ruins me. It is very delicious though when they have the milkshake flavors other than chocolate and vanilla but that’s because it’s Eddy’s brand ice cream, which there is no way for them to ruin that. Their coffee and bakery is mediocre, nothing special. 

Anna Schultz-Chocolate Milkshake And Hand With Rings
Anna Schultz / Her Campus
Xpress Lane

 It’s the bottom of the barrel gas station food. This is what you eat at midnight because it’s your only option. I don’t know anyone who genuinely enjoys the food and eats it when there are other options. They don’t even offer that much, the only thing that I found okay there was their mozzarella sticks but the cheese is so…..hard. It isn’t even that drippy goodness I would expect from mozzarella sticks. High Key disappointing. 

Anna Schultz-Girl With Arms Full At Gas Station
Anna Schultz / Her Campus
Newman Library Cafe

I wouldn’t even count this or recommend it. This place is mostly closed, does not accept dining dollars as currency, and the food is subpar when they even have any. How are you going to be advertised as a cafe but never have pastries? Come on now. The only good drink I would have to say is the Mocha Milano, other than that, I would avoid this place.

This is my ranking and I can tell it’s probably going to change over time since I am only a few months into my first semester. This article honestly took more thought than I believed it would, dang I didn’t know I was this passionate about my stance on food. Anyway, how are your thoughts on the food here? Does Virginia Tech live up to the hype? Let us know what you think. 

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