6 Signs You Have the End of the Semester Blues

It’s reaching that point in the semester where all you can think about is sticking your toes in the sand or soaking up sun by the pool. Being at college is great and certainly full of fun, but it’s almost too easy to burn yourself out. By the end of the year, I am completely dragging and I can barely manage to get out of my bed every single day (even on days when I don’t have class until two in the afternoon). Here’s a list of some of the ways many of us are struggling to get along for these last few weeks.

1. No matter how much sleep you get, you seem to still be tired

I’ve never really understood how this is possible, but even when I get a full night’s sleep, I’m like a zombie in the morning. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop this from happening, because I could definitely use them...?

2.  Just looking at your backpack brings pain

There’s just something about spring semester that burns me out twice as fast as the fall semester. It probably has something to do with the fact that we have little to no breaks during it, but whatever it is it makes it so much harder to get your work done.

3. Warm weather makes you skip class

It’s been a really rough winter, and here in Blacksburg it decided to just keep on going until early April. We were all so sick of the snow that when the slightest bit of warm weather rolled around, everyone started skipping class and breaking out the hammocks.

4. You have caught the Blacksburg plague...again

Everywhere I go on campus, I hear the lovely sounds of people coughing up their lungs. If you’re one of the few lucky enough to have not caught a disease yet, you better protect yourself. The lack of sleep and insane stress levels we have right now make us all highly vulnerable to catching something-- especially if that person you sit next to in lecture just sneezed on you.

5. Your roommates are driving you crazy

You’ve spent all year with these people, and no matter the nature of the relationship between you and your roommates, at this point in the school year they’re going to start pushing your buttons. Try to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you only have a few weeks left to spend with them, so you’ll either be completely done or you’ll be missing them and planning summer meetups soon!

6. You genuinely miss being home

It’s been a long time since many of us have seen our family members or our high school friends, so it’s exciting to think about being able to see them really soon. Only a little bit longer, and then it’s time for a squad reunion, folks!

Hang on Hokies, and enjoy these last few weeks. Another year down makes for another year closer to leaving Virginia Tech, and I think we can all agree we’re not ready to do that quite yet.

Image Sources: GIFs from Giphy.com