3 Mental Health Self-Care Tips

The daily life of a college student: your days start early and end late. Between classes, homework, clubs and socializing, it seems like there is not nearly enough time in the day. It is really easy to become overwhelmed, but giving up is never an option!  It is important to recognize your stressors and take a moment to handle them instead of ignoring them and pressing on, which will almost undoubtedly make things worse in the end. Here are three of my favorite things to do when college life has me feeling swamped. You can practice these mental self-care techniques anytime at anyplace.

1. Journaling

I love taking a moment to write when I feel stressed. Take a quick stop in between classes outside to sit down, get fresh air and refocus with journaling. Journal prompts give you a moment to step outside of your hectic thoughts. Pinterest has millions of different journal prompts to choose from. My current two favorites are the 30 questions for self discovery and October- a Month in review. If you are considering journaling, it can be fun to invest in a decorative journal specifically for the sole purpose of containing your prompt writings. Doing so gives you a sense a privacy and comfort. Stores like TJ Maxx and Target have unique journals for great prices.

2. Meditation

Being able to meditate is a very valuable skill. It provides immense physical and mental comfort. Guided meditation is ideal for the girl on the go. Millions of apps are available on your phone like Calm and The Mindfulness App. Find time to take a seat, pop in some headphones and let the guide take you to a new state of mind. Again, meditation is something you can do anywhere. The Drillfield and the quiet floors of the library are great places on campus.

3. Do not disturb mode

Take a few hours to get away from your phone. It is hard to focus when our laptops, phones and iPads are  constantly ringing and buzzing. I like to put my phone on do not disturb mode every day for at least an hour when I first come home. Doing this allows me to take a break from the world around me. Trust me that text will still be there later on! In such a digital-run world it is really important to unplug. If you truly do not have time, do this on your bus ride home or during a meal.

It is very important as college students that we take care of our mental health. Never forget you are your number one priority! Without a healthy mind nothing can be accomplished. Take time to refocus, reevaluate and reflect daily. Making as little as ten minutes a day for yourself makes a world of difference. Try out my favorite mental self-care tips  for a better week!


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