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10 Treats to Embrace Fall

Night football games, sisterhood trips to Sinkland farms, leather boots and flannels are all fall favorites. To complete this picture, just add in some fall treats. Whether you are spending the night in with friends to watch your favorite Disney Halloween movies, or prepping for a fall festival, adding food will really increase the group’s energy. Here are some super easy and quick recipes that everyone will enjoy making, eating and Instagramming.

1. Pumpkin Nutella Muffins

Nothing says fall like pumpkin and Nutella, so this is by far the most perfect fall breakfast food. Get together with friends and make them before heading to a fall fest, or make them in the kitchen with your sisters before a sisterhood event!

2. Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodles

Have you ever had a pumpkin cheesecake snickerdoodle? These look absolutely amazing and are the perfect way to get your fall food fix in a unique way!

3. Halloween Candy Bark


Bark is by far one of the easiest chocolate snacks to make, and is great to try with friends since you can each experiment with different candy combinations across the spread. This Halloween bark is super festive, and all you have to do is melt chocolate and throw in some Halloween candy!

4. Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies

If you are looking for a way to wow your friends or club members with something they probably have not had before, pumpkin pie sugar cookies will probably do the job. These cookies are surprisingly easy to make but a very unique dessert.

5. Apple Cider Floats

After apple picking locally, you cannot leave the farm without buying some apple cider for everyone to share. Adding some ice cream and a cute mug to the picture by making it a float will really add a wow factor to your Insta.

6. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes are hands down a favorite breakfast food and are the perfect warm food for waking up on a chilly morning.

7. Pecan Pie Cookies

Apparently making pies into cookies is a thing now, but it’s a great thing for sure. These cookies are definitely delicious, so give them a try and find your new favorite cookie.

8. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Chocolate chip pumpkin bread is a fall tradition that never gets old. Make this on a Sunday night, and save yourself time making breakfast the next few days of class by simply grabbing a slice on your way out the door in the morning!

9. Candy Corn and White Chocolate Cookies

Nothing says fall like candy corn, so here is a creative way to switch it up and enhance your cookies.

10. Pumpkin Pretzel Bites

Pretzel bites with chocolate and M&Ms are a super easy and quick go-to treat for events. If you are looking for something to bring to a club meeting or chapter, just grab orange and green M&Ms instead of the usual rainbow and make a fall snack everyone will love!

Fall is the time of year where you are finally back with friends after a summer apart, and there are so many new experiences waiting. All of these treats are super quick, fun and easy to make. This gives you the perfect opportunity to talk with your girls while making something that looks amazing. Enjoy your fall with friends, and enjoy these sweets!

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