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Tired of looking for new products? Sick of breaking out or having dry skin? It is tough to find products that have good ingredients, are affordable, and don’t make you break out. I have been looking for a perfect skincare routine for a while now and, after much trial and error, I finally have it down. These are some of my must-have skincare products!  

1. The Paula’s Choice toner cleared up my skin really fast, making it very smooth. The bottle is really small and is perfect for traveling. Though the scent is not my favorite, it is worth it for the results. I put it on every other day right after I wash my face. I definitely recommend it for all skin care types.  

2.  The Ordinary is one of my favorite brands. I started using their products during Covid and never stopped! Their products are super affordable and have helped my skin so much. My favorite product of theirs is the Hyaluronic acid, and my second favorite is the niacinamide serum. I use this before applying moisturizer and I let it sit for a minute. It definitely helped with my acne and it is a great base for my moisturizer.  

3. The Olehenriksen new Banana Bright+ Vitamin CC Eye Sticks is my new favorite product. It is perfect for anyone who hardly gets any sleep and has super bad dark under-bags. The product is kind of like a skincare meets concealer. It is perfect for when you have been studying all night, and it makes your under eyes look super bright.  

4.The Sunday Riley Auto Correct Brightening + Depuffing Eye Cream for Dark Circles is also another eye cream. It is never too late to start preventing wrinkles under your eyes! This product is a bit on the pricey side but I think it is worth every penny. It truly brightens my under eyes and moisturizes them. 

5. Cerave is another brand I started using during the pandemic and it has stuck with me ever since. The AM and PM moisturizer duo is the best. The AM moisturizer is perfect because it has SPF in it, and it is really important to wear sunscreen every day to prevent wrinkles. Their moisturizers are perfect for dry skin and make my skin look so glowy.  

6. I know we all get those random volcanoes on our foreheads which are so unexpected. I love Mighty Patches because they actually work. I pop one on my pimple and by the next morning, the pimple will be gone. I even wear mine to class when I don’t want anyone seeing my pimple because the Mighty Patches blend with my skin.  

7. Although this is not skincare, this product is perfect for your hair. I love the Gisou hair oil because it smells so good and nourishes the ends of my hair. I put this on my damp hair after my shower and it makes my hair so shiny and helps with my frizz.  

8. I know we all see Sol de Janerio products all over Tik Tok, but the hype is worth it. All their products smell amazing and I always get compliments when I am wearing their body spray. The smell reminds me of the beach, and who doesn’t love that smell?!  

Now that I have spilled my secrets about my favorite skincare products, don’t sell them out online! I definitely recommend all of these products and I love them so much. My best advice for skincare is “less is more”. It is better to use just a couple of good products, rather than having a 100-product skincare routine. I hope you found some products that might make your skincare routine!  

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