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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Villanova chapter.

With late mornings and busy schedules, breakfast is often the forgotten meal of the day or replaced with a granola bar. While everyone has those mornings where time takes presedence to making a meal, eating breakfast is important for keeping your energy up during the day and for having a healthy diet. 

These are four breakfast ideas that I use that are quick, healthy, delicious and worth a try!

1.) Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the quickest and easist breakfast options to make. This is also a great breakfast idea for those living in a dorm room. The benefit of oatmeal is that it is high in fiber to keep you feeling fuller longer and to maintain healthy digestion. If plain oatmeal doesn’t appeal to you, many companies now sell oatmeal packets with various flavors. To add some protein to my oatmeal, I add chia seeds and peanut butter. For flavor I add cinnamon. 

2.) Egg Scramble

A new breakfast I have been loving is a quick and easy low-carb meal option. All I do to make this meal is cut a few cherry tomatoes and scramble two egs in a frying pan. I like to add feta cheese for some extra flavor. This breakfast takes 3-5 minutes total and is carb free, full of protein, and low fat!

3.) 2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes 

This is an awesome breakfast if you prefer more indulgent meals in the morning. While pancakes and waffles are the ideal breakfast for many, they often are heavy in carbs and sugar. These banana pancakes are easy to make, and only require 2 ingrediates: A banana and an egg. All you have to do is mash up a ripe banana in a bowl and then mix in an egg and that is your “batter”. I add cinammon and vanilla for flavor. You could also add chica seeds, flax seeds, or protein powder for more protein. Once you have mixed together your batter, you fry your pancake mix on a frying pan just like normal pancakes. 

You can eat these with maple syrup, butter, or melted peanut butter. Not only are they delicious but they are filled with natural protein, are low-calorie, and carb-free!



4.) Avacado Toast.

Avacado toast is a great breakfast that will keep you feeling full and satisfied. I use Trader Joe’s Flourless bread that is low in carbs, full of healthy grains, and only 70 calories a slice. I like to cut up cherry tomatoes to add to my toast and sometimes I add a fried egg on top if I want to add some additional protein. 




Megan Cahill is a Junior Marketing and International Business Co-major at Villanova University. She is the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Villanova. A Boston native, she enjoys coastal living, iced beverages, and occasionally using the word wicked as an adjective. You can often find her brainstorming in Bartley, adding items to her multiple online shopping carts, and planning her next travel excursion. Follow her on Instagram, @megancahill15