No Internship? No Problem!

It may seem like everyone is talking about scoring their dream internship for the summer, but if you haven't, no worries! While it's great to get experience in your field, you can spend your summer exploring tons of other opportunities too! Consider some of the following options for how to spend the sunny season.

1. Become a Nanny

There's definitely tons of families in your hometown looking for someone to take care of their kids once school is out. Try asking around to see if any of your family members, family friends, or neighbors need someone to watch their kids once in a while. You can also check out websites like to see if there are any families in your area looking for a full-time nanny or someone to sit for them on date nights. Being a nanny can be a great way to make extra cash and save up for the school year! 

2. Explore Your Town

Take the free time you have to enjoy the nice weather and explore parts of your town you haven't been before. Check out the cute stores downtown that have always peaked your interest, or find out what hiking trails are popular in the area.

3. Take a Class

There's a ton of options for learning over the summer. You can stay at school or take an online class through Villanova to get ahead, or try a class from a local college. If you want something less academic you could also check out what options your town has, from fun summer activities to learning a new language. Classes can help you meet other people with the same interests and keep you busy over the summer.

4. Travel

Gather up your friends from home or school (or both!) and plan a road trip! Travel to the places you've always been curious about, see some famous landmarks, or just explore nearby! Whatever you do, it'll be a great way to reconnect with your friends and spend some time relaxing after a crazy semester.