Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Change

You’ve heard your entire life that “change is inevitable,” but have you ever taken the time to think about what that really means? The word, “change,” can be defined as the act or instance of making or becoming different. “Inevitable” means unavoidable. So, now, let me ask you this. Why are you so afraid? Change is inevitable, but you knew that already. You’ve heard it millions of times. You’ve even had multiple instances in your life where you were forced to deal with an unavoidable change and you understood exactly why. This time is no different.

You’re afraid of change because you’re afraid of what is unfamiliar and that is perfectly fine. You’re human. However, what if this new and mysterious situation you’re afraid of changes you for the better? Allow me to put this into simpler terms. Remember how ridiculously you used to dress in middle school? Remember your problematic way of thinking about literally every social issue? Remember that guy you dated? I know you tried to forget him, but nope…still happened. Now that I’ve triggered some bad memories, how do you feel knowing that you’ve grown since all of these things happened? How do you feel knowing that you’ve learned from these situations? How do you feel knowing that you’re a better you? How do you feel knowing you’ve changed? (Great. You feel freaking great.)


It will be scary. It will be new. It will be different and the worst part is that you won't have anyone to hold your hand. When that happens, of course, you'll remember that you're a strong and independent collegiate woman with all of the evidence to prove it. DJ Khaled would have told you that they don't want you to win. They don't want you to succeed. Well, he's right. Prove them wrong -- every last one of them.


So, on a serious note, stop limiting yourself. Stop holding yourself back. Sorry to get all “civil rights activist” on you, but some of the best things to ever happen in American history were because of CHANGE. Yes, I’m referring to Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to the white man. *Snaps in #BlackGirlMagic.* Guess what? You and Rosa Parks have something in common that you never even thought about until right now. She had no idea what kind of impact she would make that day and neither do you. So, take a chance. Make a change.


Whether it’s deciding to drop that business major your dad forced you to declare to pursue your dream of graduating with a degree in the arts or changing your foundation from L'Oréal to Revlon, do it, girl. Life is going to throw all types of curves at you and you have the ability to catch every single one. So, why not do what makes you happy? Change is inevitable, but that’s perfectly okay.