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Why you Should Wax Instead of Shave

Getting sexy, smooth, summer-ready legs is a nice thought, but it is usually followed with the long and irritating process of having to shave them. And I’m sure waxing sounds a lot worse than having to shave, but the benefits of waxing far outweigh the cons, so here I am to convince you to start waxing your legs and to stop shaving them.



One of the most infuriating parts of shaving is the stubble that seems to grow right back an hour later (or a day later if you are lucky). Shaving your legs just to have the hair reappear in a matter of hours is an unequivocal level of anger and makes it seem like the time you spent meticulously shaving them was spent in vain. With waxing, the hair takes, on average, three to four weeks before stubble begins to grow back. And the plus side is, when it does, it grows back finer and softer because the previous hair was removed from the root, taking the follicle with it.


Dark Spots

Speaking of removing hair from the follicle, when it is removed from the root, it reduces the chances of leaving dark spots, whereas when you shave, you still have the follicle under the skin, leaving dark spots.


Environmentally Conscious

Waxing is better for the environment. Period. The EPA says that 2 billion razors end up in landfills every year because, in the United States, disposable razors are not recyclable. When you use a simple, sugar wax, it dissolves in water, doesn’t use paper strips, and is biodegradable.



With shaving, you have the possibility of nicking yourself (especially around the knee area), but with waxing, there are no blades involved, meaning that you can’t cut yourself. Waxing will not lead to scarring or discoloration.


Smoother Skin

Waxing, in addition to removing the hair, does some level of exfoliation, which removes a level of rough, dead skin cells. This allows the skin to be softer and smoother.



Waxing your own legs and body hair is easy and straightforward, especially with the plethora knowledge of the internet and YouTube at your fingertips (though I would suggest getting professional treatment for sensitive areas such as the bikini area). Waxing doesn’t take much longer than shaving and is more cost efficient, considering how expensive razors are.

Of course, hair removal is a personal choice, and to each his own, but if you do decide that removing body hair is the right option for your personally, waxing is the better way to go in all ways.


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Maia is a senior at VCU double majoring in Print/Online Journalism and Fashion Merchandising. She loves to write about fashion and beauty and spends her free time reading, writing, and taking naps.
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