Why We Shouldn't Have Finals This Semester

Every college student has been going through it this semester. A lot of students had to go back home to live with their parents. Our mental health has plummeted, and college seems to be a lot harder than it once was. Professors are piling on the work while also simultaneously talking about how this is hard for them and why they have yet to grade an assignment from a month ago. I wish the majority of professors would extend the same courtesy that they have given themselves, but alas, they aren’t.

I understand that professors are having a rough time, and some of them are trying their best, but it's rough out here. I am also incredibly grateful for the few of my professors who have given extensions on assignments, but it would simply be nice to not have as many assignments. Unfortunately, it is too late in the semester to get rid of the exuberant amount of assignments that have already been given, but with all of these extra assignments, they could potentially make up the points for a final.

There are many ways professors could eliminate a final. They could take an average from the students' other test grades and put that in as a final test grade. They could give students extra time to turn in an assignment or two that they couldn’t get in by the due date. Or they could just take it away. The possibilities are endless and could potentially alleviate both parties' stress. I have had professors make the final optional, or they just eliminate it from the syllabus, and that was pre-COVID. There is no need for the students to pretend like they actually learned anything, and the teachers can stop pretending like we did. woman sitting at laptop Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Finals have always been stressful, no matter if they are cumulative or not. They have never been something you can just do and get a good grade. Especially now, a final is the last thing I have the mental capacity to do. I can say with 100% certainty that I have not learned a single thing this semester. All I have done is get the billion and one assignments I had turned in and just hoped that I passed. I have not had time to learn a single thing, and from what I have heard, the majority of students feel the same.

A final is just an added amount of stress that does not help anyone in any way, shape or form. Finals can also be stressful for professors. They already have to make sure that every grade is in by that time, but now they have this one big assignment that they have to grade and get turned in. I have had professors complain about finals because they are a lot of work. If finals were canceled, there would be a decrease of stress on both sides. 

Simply put, there is absolutely no need for finals this semester. It adds more work for the students and teachers, and that just isn’t a vibe. We all deserve a break after this rough semester.