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Why the Freshman 15 Isn’t a Bad Thing

A lot of things stress me out about college, but I can say that the “freshman 15” isn’t one of those things. Growing up, we’re always told that in our first year of college that we better watch our waistlines, eat salad for half our meals or we’re going to gain 10,000 pounds and that it’s going to ruin our life. Not everyone even gains the freshman 15. But even if you do, I promise you your life is not going to come crashing down around you.

First of all, when you’re going to college, you’re still growing. Just like your middle school body wasn’t the same as your high school body, your high school body isn’t going to be the same as your college body. But that doesn’t mean you should stop loving it.

Second of all, who cares? It’s that simple. So what, you gain a few pounds? I see the freshman 15 the same way I see relationship weight — as happy, healthy weight. Honestly, keeping a regular eating schedule in college is almost impossible, and many of us forget to eat because of how busy we are. If you’re consistently eating three meals a day, you have your life together and I’m jealous. Besides, college takes a lot of work and it’s important to keep yourself fed while you’re working. Going to the gym and eating healthy are great goals, but your academics and your overall happiness should come ahead of your weight (skipping class to make a whole breakfast buffet is not encouraged, however).

Finally, there are more important things to college and to life than what a number on a scale or the waistband of your jeans says. You’re here to learn, to make memories and to discover your path in life, not to be a size zero.   

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Lauryn is a current freshman mass communications major at VCU. Some of her passions include writing, social issues, and missing her dog from back home. Some of her other interests include fashion and watching makeup videos on youtube. After college, she hopes to pursue a career in the journalism field.
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