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What Your Floor Preference in Cabell Library Says About You

Oh, James Branch Cabell Library — the newest and most beautiful addition to VCU’s campus. Seniors and freshmen alike flock to the library for studying, group projects, printing, comfy seats and one of the biggest collegiate Starbucks, just to name a few attractions about the library. Where you sit (and what floor you prefer) says a lot more about you than one may think. Here’s what your floor preference in Cabell Library says about you.

The basement or the Workshop.

You’re tech savvy and ahead of the game in every way. You probably had the iPhone 7 the second it was released, and are up-to-date on every detail of the tech world. You neither prefer the silence nor tons of noise; making this often-neglected floor of Cabell perfect for you. It has just enough noise and people to not make you feel completely isolated from society, but enough quiet for you to focus on your (probably tech-related) homework. The noise of the Workshop feels like home to you, and the hum of the 3D printer is the perfect white noise to keep you focused.

First floor, old section.

Much like the section of Cabell untouched by the construction, you’re timeless in your ways. You like to rock it old-school, and prefer the solitude of books or music to people. Like the stacks of books found on the first floor, you’re much more comfortable hanging out alone than with large groups of people. Some may say you’re an introvert, but you know what you like and prefer to stay that way. 

First floor, Starbucks and/or the atrium.

You thrive in the hustle and bustle of lots of people. There’s no doubt you’re a people person and love being around lots of people. You’re in your element when you’re the center of attention, which makes being in the main attraction of Cabell library that much more thrilling. You love being in the middle of things and learning things about people, be it their coffee order or how badly they need an all-nighter based on how many espresso shots they get in their venti latte.

First floor, new section.

You’re just as timeless as your old section counterparts, but with a modern twist. You listen to oldies music but rock the latest Yeezy’s, for example. Due to this section being very small and operating on a first-come, first-served basis, you like feeling important. You like surrounding yourself with a few, select people instead of a huge “squad.” You also love people watching, and having something to look at when you take a study break for a few minutes. You love being an observer, not a player. You feel much more comfortable watching the action from the side, rather than being in the thick of it.

Second floor, new and old sections.

You’re a pretty go with the flow kinda person. You’re always keeping your eye out for a nice booth or table in the new section, but you’re perfectly okay with finding a seat on the older side if there’s not one. You, much like your basement counterparts, like being surrounded by people to keep you focused. You’re the type of person that has one or two select best friends, and you’re usually found on the second floor with them. You have two sides to your personality, much like the dual sides of the second floor: the one people see when they first meet you, and the one they have to really know you to get at. 

Third floor, new and old sections.

You’re a pretty quiet person, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have fun. Just like the funky furniture on the third floor, you have several unique qualities about yourself that people flock to. You may seem pretty reserved and quiet when people first meet you, but once they strip down your rock-hard exterior they realize how much they needed someone like you. You prefer near silence to knock your hours of homework out, and once you’re done it’s go time. You live by the phrase work hard, play harder.

Third floor, porch and/or balcony.

You’re a free thinker. You need some fresh air and pretty views to really be in the right mindset, and this hidden gem of the third floor is the perfect spot for that. You’re in your best mood when you have a comfy chair and good spot to people watch. When the tables right by the window on the first floor are taken, this is your go-to spot. Sometimes, you just need to draw back from society and hang out with just your thoughts for a while, which makes the scenic views of the Compass and the comfy couches that much more appealing.

Fourth floor, new and old sections.

You’re a very serious, intense individual. You need everything in your life to go your way, and your way only. You’re a bit introverted and quiet, but you think enough sassy things in a day to make up for it. You’re a bit of a control freak, but that’s just who you are and you are unapologetically who you are. The absolute silence of the fourth floor brings you joy, because you know that things are permanently like that. You don’t do well with change or with things not panning out the way you want them to; you like knowing what is going to happen at any given moment of the day. You hate surprises or anything unexpected; you want everything to be cleanly laid out the way you want them to be.

Study rooms, any floor.

You’re always surrounded by people, so sometimes you need to escape and be alone in your own little bubble to feel less suffocated. However, you’re perfectly content with being alone or with being surrounded by people. You’re neither an introvert nor an extrovert, you love hanging out with others but thoroughly enjoy your own company as well. Things are ever-changing for you in your life, and that’s how you like it; much like the way you keep hopping from empty room to empty room. You don’t judge people based on their exterior, because you know what’s inside is what really matters; just like different sizes and conditions of all the study rooms Cabell has to offer. You might like your own company, but you love all people the same.

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