What It's Like Having Stage Fright, But Loving Music

I know to some of you this might seem ridiculous, but I don’t know how to share my music. Most people start and make music because they want to share their emotions or just their raw talent. Music has its own feel and live music is completely different than listening through your headphones or jamming out in your car. There’s just a different feeling you get from performing with a guitar, mic or any other instrument in hand. You’re moving people, some that you know and, sometimes, people you’ve never met. How amazing is that!

Music brings people together and the feeling of bringing so many different people to one place to just enjoy the sound your soul and heart desires cannot be compared to anything else. You move people and connect with others on a different level. The adrenaline you get makes you want to pour your soul out while playing your instrument or singing as loud as you can. Overall, whether you’re listening, making or performing, music is empowering!

This is coming from someone who’s never performed in front of anyone. I can only imagine how it feels to be able to sing or even play my guitar in front of people. I’m jealous of people who can just pull a guitar out and start singing along to whatever tune is in their head. So how come I can’t do that? Why does is bother me so much?

For those of us who can’t perform, it becomes absolutely infuriating. We all know that everyone gets a little nervous before doing a presentation or speaking in public, but for the most part, people learn to conquer this anxiety to speak up, even if they are nervous while in front of people. For some, though, butterflies in the stomach is normal, but as soon as you get into a rhythm, you’re able to belt out any song. For me personally, the butterflies never go away, and I swear they become elephants in my stomach.

I’m not the best presenter when it comes to class presentations, but public speaking about something I’m passionate about is quite easy. That’s what bothers me the most. I’m a social butterfly and able to speak my mind in front of a crowd, yet I can’t sing a word if there’s a person in the room. I hate singing in front of friends or even my sister who hears me in the singing in the shower all the time. I make sure I’m completely alone before I attempt to write a new verse. Why can’t I just perform?!

Having stage fright is a process it seems, and eventually I believe I’ll be able to sing and play in front of people, but for now the songs are sung to my bedroom walls. There are so many of us who love music and singing all the time, but sharing it seems to be impossible. I try to sing to people I’m comfortable around and it just ends up me humming to the sound of me plucking the guitar barely making the chord. My hands start to shake and I can feel my face turn red. This is my stage fright even when it's just one person. These are the feelings I wish to turn into being able to belt my voice out to anyone who will listen.

I've learned that sharing music is such a powerful thing and I hope people who have stage fright are one day able to stand up and belt their heart out as if no one’s listening. Our music sometimes is made just for us, but to be able to share your emotions in such an amazing way can empower and give us a new sense of respect for the art. Not all music is meant to share, but for those of you who want to and are scared for whatever reason it may be, I wish you luck in embracing your unique talent of expressing yourself in a whole different way.

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