What To Do When Your Quarter Life Crisis Hits

When it comes to being in your early twenties, there are several things that no one ever tells you about. The one thing that hits you like a freight train is the dreaded quarter-life crisis. “What is the quarter-life crisis?” you ask.

Well, according to Psychology Today, the quarter-life crisis is the anxiety over the quality and direction of one’s life, usually happening in someone’s early twenties to mid-thirties but can happen as young as 18-years-old.

And honey, wow is that anxiety real, especially as a college student approaching graduation.

Think about it. You’ve spent literally over two decades (for most people) identifying as a student. Graduating from college is not only a milestone but a huge shift in your personal identity. Now you’re heading straight into new territory...the real world.

There are a million and one questions racing through your head at all times.

Am I making the right choices in my career? In my love life? In my friendships?

What if I’m making a huge mistake?

All of this is completely 100 percent normal and manageable. Like all other kinds of anxiety, it's important to keep it in check and not allow it to take over your life. So here are some ways to ease yourself through the dreaded quarter-life crisis. 

Plan, Plan, Plan


journaling sharpie markers GIF by SharpieI know that I am one of those people who suffer from choice paralysis in a major way. There seem to be a thousand different choices to make. However, the future is significantly less scary when you take the time to plan out what you want to do. Even if those plans don't come to fruition, having a plan is one small step in the right direction. If you want plans on the future, check out this great article on how to put more flair in your resume. 


Remain Flexible

 elastigirl GIFWhile planning is important, being loose and flexible with your future is just as important. Let's say you don't immediately land your dream job, your long-time partner breaks up with you or you have to stay in school for another semester. While these things can feel like wrenches being tossed into the blender that is your future plans, it's important to remember that these things aren't the end of the world. The human spirit is resilient and can bounce back from anything. 


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Did you know you can actually worry yourself sick? Anxiety, when left to its own devices, can have pretty uncool consequences. Some of the physical effects include fatigue, restlessness and nausea.  So it's important to take care of yourself, in both a mental and physical sense. Often times our physical and mental health go hand in hand. Take some time to relax and not think about your future. Scheduling in "me time" or heading out with some good friends is an excellent way to blow off steam. 

Stay Optimistic 

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I know this can be easier said than done. Not everyone in life has many things to be optimistic about. Believing that everything will work out in the end, is a comforting thought that everyone should hold close to them because it's probably true.

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It's said that the scariest thing is the unknown. And there's nothing more unknown than the future. Remember, there's nothing to be afraid of. You've got this! 

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