Underrated Beauty Gurus on YouTube

So many beauty gurus, so little time.

I know, nowadays you can hop on YouTube and search “makeup tutorial” in the search bar and get a million results. For this reason alone, I tend to stick with the beauty gurus we all know and love, such as Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights. However, a few years ago I came to realize that there are quite a few great beauty gurus within the dark hole that is YouTube that I’d never heard of before. To me, a great beauty influencer is someone that not only has that fun and relatable personality but also has the skill to teach me a thing or two about makeup that I may have never known beforehand. Here are a few beauty influencers on YouTube that are highly underrated.

Mariah Leonard

Mariah is a beauty influencer I’ve followed for years on YouTube, and honestly, I’m never disappointed with her content. Based out in L.A. California, she may be located in a city swirling with makeup artists, however, I believe that she has her own unique style that makes her stand out.

Normally when you hop on YouTube, you’ll see a lot of the same thing, makeup “gurus” doing the same warm tone cookie cutter eye looks.  I mean, yeah, I still enjoy watching how to get those sunset vibes on my eyes however, there are so many videos that recreate looks like these. What I like about Mariah is that she really does experiment with her looks, especially when it comes to color. She can throw any array of shades on her eyes an make it look good, while at the same time encouraging her viewers to experiment with their own looks and reach outside of the box. This particular makeup challenge she did a couple of years ago is a perfect example. With varying looks that range from natural to glam, she is my go-to creator when I’m looking to be inspired.

Though she is a beautifully creative person, I’d have to say that one thing that I love most about her channel is her knowledge about makeup. Any beauty influencer can recommend products to their subscribers, however, Mariah always backs up her recommendations with facts about the product's content, the way it sits on the skin, how it wears throughout the day and any other knowledge she has come to collect. Seriously go watch some of her videos and listen to her talk—she knows what she’s talking about.

Plus, she has cute dogs, so yeah, I think I’ll keep watching.

Jamie Paige

I’ve been subscribed to Jamie for a few years now and I always find myself coming back to her page. One among the many underrated Canadian beauty ‘Tubers, it’s clear how much effort she puts into her videos. I mean, immediately upon going to her channel you just want to click on all of her videos because they’re all so aesthetically appealing.

I always go to her channel for some of those classic old school beauty community videos. You know the ones—makeup hauls, favorites videos, de-clutter videos, morning/night routines, how-to videos and more. Honestly, I never get tired of videos like these, and they make makeup seem more relatable to me as an average basic girl who is somewhat lackluster in the craft of makeup. She manages to teach her subscribers a lot about the products she shows and how to use them. She even listens to her subscribers regarding video recommendations they want to see, such as this video here where she tests her subscriber’s favorite drugstore makeup items.

However, what I really like about Jamie’s content is the fact that she has a sort of calming aesthetic to her videos. I don’t know how she does it, but every time I pull up one of Jamie’s videos, I just feel more relaxed. The best way to describe it I guess would be this: her voice is like aromatherapy to the ears, and I appreciate it.


Although I haven’t been subscribed to Jesi for very long, I think I’m with her for the long haul. Jesi has a personality on YouTube that I find really refreshing—she’s bubbly and energetic, yet serious about her channel, making it clear she really loves her subscribers and what she does on YouTube. Another Canadian influencer (don’t sleep on Canada y’all), Jesi creates beautiful makeup looks that are versatile from day to night.

I come to Jesi’s page if I want to know what new makeup products are out on the market, as she is always hip to new releases. I especially get excited when she reviews entire PR packages. I still seriously need to find a way to get myself on a company’s PR list. Like Jaime, Jesi makes some of the old school beauty videos that are refreshing to watch amongst all the intense high artistry looks that are now flooding your feed.

Jesi is especially known for her to get ready-with-me videos, makeup hauls and my favorite—swatch videos. I actually discovered her channel because of one of her swatch videos on the brand Colourpop, which you can watch here. I mean who doesn’t like swatch videos? Besides my bank account, that is. I don’t think many people do these videos like Jesi, as she always gives an in-depth review about the products she shows plus a mini tutorial throw in so you can see what they look like applied to the face.

All of these women area talented makeup artists within the makeup industry that I think deserve a lot more love for what they do. Make sure to check these women out on their channels and other social media accounts! I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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