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Trying New Foods Even When You’re a Picky Eater

Once you’re set on the types of foods you like as well as what restaurants fulfill your cravings, it’s sometimes difficult to get out of that routine. Familiar combinations of food, the same general food groups you stick too, and the same exact meals can be comforting, but can also keep you from branching out and trying new ones!

Sometimes the foods we find comfort in are simple and that’s completely okay to have, but maybe it’s time to try something new! Trying new foods doesn’t have to be a chore and there are definitely foods you’ll dislike, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying something! There are different preparation and recipes to try, and sometimes mixing ingredients all together can make your “disliked food” one that you’ll keep in your fridge!

Trying new foods is not about going to a restaurant and ordering something drastically different, rather you should try different sides or small dishes when trying foods so you don’t feel like you’re wasting money or gambling too much on what to have for that meal. Also, trying not to order the same thing every time at the same place is also a good stepping stone considering there are bound to be other meals that you’ll like. Since different preparations can be the key to finding new food you enjoy, trying dishes from different cultures can also be a starting point!

Different cultures have their own preparation styles that could always be a good starting point to try not necessarily completely new foods, but just foods with unique flavoring. Depending on what types of foods you like and the spices you’ll agree to, there are so many recipes to try at home or to go out and order!

Another way to look at it, is just because you’ve tried the food once and disliked it, does not mean that your taste/palate hasn’t changed. Over time we get used to new textures and flavors and sometimes foods you’ve learned and have known to dislike can become a favorite! Getting used to a similar food can also have the same effect considering you are exposing yourself to the same thing over and over again.

Picky eating is not necessarily a bad thing, even though people make fun of it sometimes, but it isn’t a reason to keep yourself from not trying foods! For picky eaters, you can’t force yourself or them to try something new because that’s not letting someone try something at that point. Taking progressive steps, as silly as that sounds, is the best way to get into a new groove of trying foods you have not tried before.

Whether you are with friends who typically know you’re eating style or by yourself, at the end of the day you are trying foods to enjoy the new experience! If you end up trying new foods or not, there’s always another day to try something new if you want to have that comforting bowl of spaghetti later, so just enjoy the new or same dishes!

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Nat is a junior majoring in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at Virginia Commonwealth University who treats every opportunity as a new chapter. All her chapters are filled with music, travels, Pinterest, and pics of friends laughing so hard they snort. She loves meeting new people and hearing new stories because she believes everyone has one. She aspires to influence those around her as well as just making people smile.
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