Transitioning to Living in a New Place

There is a new thing that seems to horrify young adults more than anything nowadays, and that thing is change. There should be nothing to be afraid of; change happens every second of every day! When moving to a new place unknown, it can be difficult to adjust to your new lifestyle. Of course, that does not mean there can’t be good things that you associate the new quirks with too. Like everything else in life, there will be many pros and cons, but it’s really all about your outlook on your new embarkment. Whether you decide that this change is something you feel overwhelmed or indifferent to, it's important to understand it is only a speed bump in the road. 

No matter how far you go, where you settle or who you are with, there will always be something that pops into your mind when you hear the word “home.” What many people may not even know is that the word can be associated with a feeling. Hence, the phrase “make yourself feel at home.” You might be wondering what that entails, but what you don’t know is the answer is entirely up to your interpretation. So, whether you are sharing a place with a roommate, you live alone, have a house or an apartment, you should never have to let go of your sense of comfort. 


For me, the first thing that always comes to mind when I think of home is my big family, my Disney princess decor and an overwhelming pungent smell of fish sauce. Although I, unfortunately, can’t have all of those things with me at my new apartment, I know to leave things behind and be completely okay with it. Besides, you’ll learn so many new things about being independent. Make time to appreciate the things you do to help bring your idea of home closer to you. For instance, since the semester has begun, I have become so thankful for things like Facetime and the ability to look up new Vietnamese recipes to learn. Make the best out of the things you miss from home by figuring out ways to incorporate them in your new place!

A way to make moving into a new building or neighborhood a little easier is making friends with those who live around you. You could have a lot in common or be going through the same nervous jitters of being somewhere new too.

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Though moving out and living somewhere new and foreign can be daunting, you’ll learn so many new things about being independent or sharing a room with someone. Take the time to figure out what you like to do on your own and what you don't. Think about how to conquer time management and making your priorities straight in order to have time for yourself too! Some ways that you can even incorporate your own connections with home to your dorm or living space depends on one question. What does home look, smell or even sound like to you?

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