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Another semester, another grueling few weeks of hard work and mental breakdowns. If you’re like every other college student in the world, then you know how hard it can be to fight off that spring semester slump. No one decided to warn me during my senior year of high school how much more brutal it would be in college. But I’ve found one simple thing to make every stressful situation slightly better: music.

Below I’ve listed all the albums at the top of my listening list throughout the spring semester. These are the albums that somehow prevented me from dropping out of the semester so I encourage you to give them a listen as well.

“Good Riddance” by Gracie Abrams

I fell in love with Gracie Abrams when I first scoured Spotify in search of new artists to broaden my taste and stumbled upon “21” by Gracie Abrams. Ever since then, she’s become one of my favorite nepo babies and musical artists. I fell in love with her EP “minor” and her first album “Feels Like” and have been excited following her music journey. 

She did the sad-girl genre justice when she released her new album “Good Riddance.” The gloomy aesthetic associated with the album along with the heartbreaking songs seemed to perfectly describe my spring semester at various points. 

“emails i can’t send” by Sabrina Carpenter

Ordinary fans may say they like Sabrina Carpenter’s music, but I am not an ordinary fan. I’ve been following her musical journey since she made her debut on “Girl Meets World” and I’ve been obsessed with her, to say the least. I was devouring her first album “Eyes Wide Open” at 11 and now I’m 19 and so happy she’s finally getting the attention she deserves.

When she released “emails i can’t send,” I immediately fell in love with the album. It’s been at the top of my listening history for a while now. I am a pop girly at my core, so this album was a perfect match for me. 

“Punisher” by Phoebe Bridgers

The last time I listened to this album was during the first few months of quarantine, so you can take a guess how bad my mental state was. However, at 19 years old and in a much better state of mind than I was at 17, this album is something dear to me.

Some of the songs give me chills and the others make me sad about events that never happened (I’m a pro-gaslighter). This album has been the perfect outlet to unleash all those frustrations and anxieties the spring semester never fails to bring.

“evermore” by Taylor Swift

It was tough choosing the Taylor Swift album that defined my spring semester, but “evermore” will always have a special place in my heart. I love this album and truly believe Taylor Swift’s most beautiful songs are on this album. But that’s another controversy to write about later.

“Melodrama” by Lorde

Every time Lorde releases an album after three years of nothing, I am truly grateful. “Melodrama” is one of those albums I wish I could listen to again for the first time. If I may be dramatic, “Melodrama” is a work of art I will always listen to no matter the occasion.

Tasnia Zakir (she/her) is a psychology major at VCU and part of the editorial team at VCU's HerCampus. Her interests include pop culture, film, mental health, and literature.