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Spring 2019 Makeup Looks That You Will Love!

Makeup Trends For Spring 2019 

The makeup community has grown and developed throughout the past few years into a place where many can go to express themselves creatively. There are many who work a nine to five job where they are only allowed to wear minimal makeup, yet go home and explore the beauty in vibrant blues or pink shades. Some believe in the power of a basic but beautiful bronze smokey eye. Others dive into the full spectrum of possibilities.  Before the makeup community gained traction, it was not as followed as it is currently. Now, we can see that makeup has become a reflection of fashion, culture and self. This upcoming Spring I expect to see a few trends, as well as some beauty gurus revamping some classic go-to looks. 

Neon Trends  

There is currently a neon wave flowing in the fashion industry. Influencers are wearing highlighter-pink tracksuits, lime green bathing suit or in a more subtle way, adding in some neon accessories into their OOTD (outfit of the day). 


In the picture above, you can see how two colors you might not want to pair together actually work together to form a vibrant, yet wearable look. Orange can be a hard color for a lot of skin tones, but this color blocking technique shows purpose. This shows how fun it can be to play with makeup, as there is no typical “blend out” on the outer third of the crease that many YouTubers suggest you do. The accent lines on the upper part of the lid add dimension, and the upside down “L” lime green line closest to her nose even help define the brow and nose structure. Get geometric and artsy with your eyeshadow look this Spring with some color.

In this image, you can see how easy it is to take an everyday bronze smokey makeup look and add a pop of color. This is one of my favorite ways to incorporate color into my makeup look because it requires little effort, yet makes it seem more complex and edgy. If purple isn’t a fave of yours, bright pink, yellow or even white would compliment this look easily.

The Glow is Gone

As powerful as Kim Kardashian is, I think that the time for glow is gone. Meaning people are no longer looking for that intense, full body highlight, rather they are seeking a more “glow from within” appearance. This is not me telling you to throw your highlighters away! Highlighter will always be a favorite step in my routine, but I have noticed both on my Instagram feed and while sitting in front of my vanity that we beauty lovers are reaching more and more for that subtle glow.

This picture is everything. Look at the tip and bridge of her nose, the top of her lips and her cheekbone, and you’ll see exactly what the “glow from within” movement is all about. What does this mean for your skin care routine theydies and gentlethems? It’s time to hydrate! Take care of your skin in order to achieve this look because the less amount of product you use to do it, the more natural it will look. 

Scott Barnes, Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist, achieves this look by simply spraying some sunscreen on his models! (Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist, $7.47, to be exact)

Gloss Over Matte

Lip gloss is a repeating trend that made its way back into popularity within the past one to two years and is still going strong in the makeup community. A few years ago, matte lippies were all the rage and finding the perfect one was even harder. Lip glosses have taken over that trend and in the pictures below you’ll see why. You once had to worry about if your lippie would dry out on you or how you had to reapply it, and now your only real concern with lip glosses is if you’re going to get one with glitter or not! 


Remember what I said about the glow from within look that beauty lovers are striving for? The perfect way to end the look is to finish with a good gloss. After Fenty’s Gloss Bomb released, a lip gloss known for its shade and shine that works on all skin tones, many companies followed suits such as Colourpop, Buxom, and Nars.

If you’re still in the mood for some color, there are tinted glosses that will get the job done. Berry colored lips are still making an appearance in fashion shows, so it goes to show that a statement lip is easily still very much in style. Lip Gloss isn’t a hassle, no liners are required and they generally last longer than other types of lip products which make them perfect for an easy, on-trend Spring look.



Monochromatic is in… Again! 

At this point, we should all be aware that monochromatic looks will always be in. Just like you can wear an outfit with different shades of the same color, your makeup can do this too. My favorite example of this would be using pink because it’s easy to use the same color as blush and eyeshadow. This can also be achieved with contour through using your contour shade as eyeshadow, brow color and even lip liner.

See the pictures above and look at how easy it actually is to recreate this look. Dab a medium sized fluffy brush in a color of your choosing and apply where you think it looks right. 

Spring Makeup Forecasts

After examining some of the runways looks from the past show, I’m excited to see everyone’s take on the trends I mentioned above. This Spring seems to be an eclectic, fun season to experiment. 

Not really digging the ones I mentioned? Take all of those trends listed above very lightly. If you’ll never drop your full-glam look for the natural trend that’s going on, don’t worry about it. 

Mainly, this Spring, I challenge you to try something different. It may feel odd at first, but the best thing you can wear is your confidence.  

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Gabriela is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University located in Richmond, Virginia. She is pursuing a degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. Communications has always been a passion of hers as she believes that there is value in every interaction. Aside from writing for Her Campus, she is also the President of Muevelo, the only Latinx/Hispanic Influenced Dance Organization at VCU. Her goals in life include owning multiple businesses in order to fund an animal sanctuary. She believes in equal rights, women empowerment, and corny jokes.
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