The Significance of Different Flowers

Flowers have always been the perfect Valentine's Day gift. They're alive and beautiful, and show another amazing thing life has to offer besides love. Each flower has a different meaning, so it's always good to check on each flower's interpretation before giving them in a bouquet or by themselves.

1 - Carnations

Carnations represent love and fascination and have the perfect meaning to be given to your lover. They come in many colors and accent bouquets wonderfully as well because of their relatively small size.

2 - Chrysanthemums

Friendship, love and joy are represented by Chrysanthemums. Mums (as they're also called) are usually given in pots instead of alone or in bouquets. 

3 - Gerbera Daisies

A very healthy and solid flower, Gerbera Daisies represent innocence and beauty. They can be potted or placed in bouqets, and their larger size often makes them the star of the flowers.

4 - Gladiolus

The delicate, full petals of Gladiolus are lovely for a Valentine's Day gift. Gladiolus represent strength, honor and infactuation.

5 - Iris

Iris flowers come in many colors and never cease to please. They represent wisdom, hope and faith and make a perfect gift for a lasting, meaningful relationship.

6 - Roses

The Rose is the ultimate flower to represent love and appreciation. Bring out a bouquet of fresh cut roses and see how your love's face lights up. Different color roses have different meanings as well: red meaning everlasting love, white meaning a new beginning and pink being more versatile and able to be used in more situations.

7 - Sunflowers

Sunflowers represent warmth, longevity and adoration. They are good for a wishing you and your lover a long and prosperous run together.

Create a personalized bouquet with lots of meaning and love this Valentine's Day and your significant other will think they're the luckiest person in the world!

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