Separating Work and Play in The New Semester

Getting back into the swing of a new semester can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you’re coming upon your final years in university. However, being able to set aside a time of your day or week is essential in maintaining your mental health and sanity. Balancing school and work can be frustrating and trying to add a social life or “me time” on top of that can make it even more challenging. But being able to separate work and play is vital for not only time management, but for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A fundamental part of separating time for yourself versus time for work or school is delegating a specific time to have fun or socialize. Doing this makes it easier to fit play into your daily routine and gives you something to look forward to as well as a break in your day. Organizing your time allows you to have a daily routine and prevents you from forgetting important assignments. Delineating a time for fun also lets you take a break from the chaos that may be surrounding you and give you a moment to regain yourself.

Taking small breaks throughout the day, even as short at 15 or 20 minutes, can help increase productivity and you’ll feel more focused when you start your schoolwork again. Personal time can be something as small as listening to your favorite music, watching a YouTube video, going on a walk, or playing with a pet.

You can also become more organized with your school, work and social life by utilizing resources your campus provides you. Many universities offer student services for relieving stress or creating a manageable schedule that still allows you to have fun. Even things like going to the gym will enable you to blow off some steam, have time to yourself and take a break from everything else in your life. Not to mention, keeping yourself healthy is an essential part of your “me time,” and a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Knowing who your friends are and maintaining a reliable support system is also fundamental to a balanced life and keeping everything in order. You don’t want friends who are always pressuring you to go out when they know you have an important test the next day. You want to surround yourself with people who accept you and your schedule and make you feel loved and are there for you when you need them.

Focusing on your goals is an important aspect of “me time.” You can’t perform your best in school or at work, if you are overwhelmed, stressed and can’t factor in the time allotted to yourself. You’re in college for a reason and spending thousands of dollars on a degree that you plan to use one day, don’t blow it by not doing what you set out to achieve. That being said, take care of yourself. Put yourself first sometimes, but not at the sacrifice of school or work. Creating a schedule that balances out the important aspects of your lifestyle is key to ideal mental health.

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