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A Reminder to Remember Your Mental Health During Finals Week

The end of the semester is finally here, and winter break is just around the corner. However, to see the light at the end of the tunnel, finals need to be taken and papers need to be turned in. The amount of work and effort demanded can place a strain on anyone’s mental and self-care. Here are a few tips to remember during the next few weeks, to ensure that you take care of yourself in order to stay healthy and happy. 

1. Eat well and regularly


After studying for hours on end, it is often easy to forget to eat at all. If you do remember to eat, it is easy to just go to the dining hall or to get something fast. However, it is important to eat and eat well, in order to maintain focus and to keep you motivated. So, pack some healthy snacks and eat a beneficial breakfast, lunch and dinner so that you can study longer and ace those tests. 

2. Take breaks

Scientists say that taking breaks while studying actually helps you learn the information better. By taking a time-out, you are allowing your brain to rest and soak up the information. Taking breaks allow you to pause and gather yourself for the next round of studying. The method I recommend is studying for 45 minutes and then taking a 15-minute break, then studying for 30 minutes and then taking a 10-minute break, and so on. 

3. Get enough sleep 

Sleep deprivation is never a walk in the park, especially when school is involved. It is important to get the full amount of time allotted, as it helps rest your brain. Studies show that how we learn is largely tied to our sleep schedules. Proper sleep plays a role in how we learn and how we remember. So, please get a proper amount of sleep if you want to ace those exams.

4. Take time to see friends 


Everyone needs a mental and physical escape from studying. Visiting with friends can give a much-needed release after a long night of studying. Don’t feel guilty for needing a night off. You can recuperate and hit the books the following day. 

5. Try meditation or yoga

Meditation is a good way to clear your mind and get you ready to start studying. Yoga can do the same thing. Studies reveal that stress can cloud the mind and lead to lack of focus. However, by meditating and doing yoga, the mind has time to relax and process the world around you. By doing so, it can be easier to find a focal point to begin studying. 

Mental health is always important, but it is hard to maintain it in times of stress. Take on these finals head-on with a clear mind and a better focus so that you can succeed. You can do it!


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Emily Holter is a Freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University. She studies Mass Communications with a concentration in Print and Online Journalism. She is an avid reader of books, a lover of all things Cher, and a flower enthusiast. Most days, she is tucked away in a coffee shop, sipping on her black coffee and enjoying light conversation.
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