Make The Most Out of Your Crappy Day

Imagine this…

You wake up feeling a little too well rested then look over at the alarm clock to see that not only did you sleep through your first class of the day, but you’re running late to your next. There’s no time to check the weather app, so you throw on some shorts, tie your hair back and run out of the house. As you walk out you notice that not only did Winter make a surprise visit but it’s also raining lightly. By the time you get to class you’re drenched, and realize you forgot your laptop to take notes on and study for the quiz that was planned.  

I’m sure you have all had some variable of the day I just described and since life doesn’t apologize, I will. I am so sorry for your sh*tty day. 

We’re going to talk about how to turn your day around when so many bad things seem to be creating a snowballing effect. You have the ability to turn any day around and finish it on a positive note to make sure the next day is (hopefully) better. Here are some advice and tips on how to make the most out of a bad day. 

First - Remember that this day will not impact you in the long run 

The average lifetime is 75 years old, so you will live roughly 27,000 days. This is your reminder that your one bad day will not affect you in the long-term. If anything, you should remember that day as the time you completely switched your day around and figured out how to turn any day into a positive one.

Second - Do what makes you happy

Whether your happy place is at the gym, library, garden or mall, you should take the time to visit it especially on days that are hitting you harder than others. Sometimes, a bad day will make you feel like you need to retreat, so do so in a healthy way. 

Personally, I’m an overthinker that will let one bad day knock me down. Although I’ve learned that a good run will generally clear my mind and help me get past whatever it is I feel is holding me down. 

Third - Self-care, self-care, self-care

Your life may temporarily seem like it’s falling apart, but completing a skin care routine may help you feel like you did get something done. My personal favorite is to follow my skincare routine as best as I can.  To others, self-care might be doing laundry instead, catching up on your calendar or tidying up around the house. Once you’ve completely finished the task, you’ll notice your day transform from a negative one to a productive one.

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Fourth - Cross out the negatives

Back to my original scenario, there were so many things that went wrong and obviously need some correcting. 

  • Missing a class
    • Go through the lecture notes or grab them from a friend so you won’t be scrambling to gather them the night before your next exam. Side tip: get your pack back ready the night before your classes, so there's no chance of you forgetting your laptop, notebook or charger.
  • Forgot to study for a quiz?
    • Set up reminders on your phone or calendar to remind you a few days before the next one in case you don’t have a planner so you can remember to start studying.
  • Dressing for the weather
    • Remember that checking the weather app takes five seconds, and it’s best to be safe than sorry. Consider leaving an umbrella, jacket and boots near your front door so you can quickly change into them in case you walk out and the weather is acting up.

There are plenty of other ways negatives can be turned around, so consider the last time you had a bad day and how you should have handled it better. 

Lastly - Make your next day better than this one

Often, bad days are due to lack of proper preparations. A simple double-check that all alarms were on or even setting up multiple could’ve prevented many of the obstacles. Making mistakes is the best way to learn how to not go through them again. 

At the end of the bad day there’s only one thing that can be done: turn it around. Take notes of some of the advice listed above and try to keep it in mind the next time life has challenged you. Nothing placed on your path is too difficult to handle, so come out of your next bad day like a champ and make sure it doesn’t happen again.