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Letting my Friends Choose my Outfits For a Week

Clothing, shoes, accessories and anything else that expresses your style may or may not be a priority, but even if that is the case, we all care a little about the way we present ourselves. Whether you dress in jeans and a t-shirt every day or wear something a little bolder, you typically have your go-to clothes and the rest of your closet is untouched. Your closet probably consists of similar clothing that resembles the similar style that you have worn for a while and if it is getting a little boring, maybe it is time to switch it up!

Stepping out of your comfort zone or getting a wardrobe change, can help you figure out what new styles of clothing you might like and what you definitely do not like. If you are wanting to try something new, why not let your friends help you out! They know what your usual style is and they are able to work around your clothes to make you look great in a different dress or boots for the day! Letting your friends dress you might be daunting, but there is no harm in trying so why not give it a try?

Personally, I am not very bold with what I wear and you can typically find me in jeans and a sweater or a simple shirt, which is why I was accepting of the different outfit ideas when a friend of mine asked if they could choose my outfits out for a couple of days. My closet is filled with so many clothes (especially shirts) and shoes that I love, but I don’t want to ruin them so I don’t wear them, which makes my closet I just a holding cell. My friends see me in similar outfits throughout the week paired with the same four pairs of shoes, that they suggested I step out and change up my style for a bit.

My experience with this process is that I really go for comfort and if I’m not comfortable in loose clothing, I feel completely out of place. My friends know this so they only put me in clothes that they believed would fit my body well, but I still would not choose to wear to go out to class. Colors that are super bright are also not something I see myself in, but I did have some bright color shirts in my closet that they chose for me to wear that still had the price tag on them. I was willing to get dressed in the outfits they chose and I found some clothes I ended up really liking, and others that I definitely would not wear again.

The whole process is about trying something new that is a small change which allows you to explore what new styles you can pull off or try!

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Nat is a junior majoring in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at Virginia Commonwealth University who treats every opportunity as a new chapter. All her chapters are filled with music, travels, Pinterest, and pics of friends laughing so hard they snort. She loves meeting new people and hearing new stories because she believes everyone has one. She aspires to influence those around her as well as just making people smile.
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