Lauryn Evarts Bosstick: Every College Girl's New Inspiration

Have you ever been asked who inspires you? Here’s a secret guys: up until last year, I couldn’t really answer that question. Of course, I could name people I admire (Michelle Obama, Oprah, Tracee Ellis Ross— you get the gist) but I could never think of anyone who I really thought of as a true inspiration. To be honest, as a teenage girl with lots of other things on my mind, I never really gave it much thought or energy until I discovered Lauryn Evarts Bosstick almost two years ago. 

I first discovered Lauryn through her podcast, "The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Show," that she hosts with her husband Michael Bosstick. As soon as I found the podcast, I was obsessed. For weeks, it was quite literally the only thing I listened to no matter where I was. I learned more than I ever thought I could for just being 17 years old. From skincare to internal health to entrepreneurship, I was exposed to so many topics that I wouldn’t have discovered so early on in my life if it were not for this podcast. But more than the content itself (which is beyond amazing), I fell in love with Lauryn. 

Lauryn’s current digital empire all started in 2009 where she was attending San Diego State University. She briefly rushed a sorority but figured out what we all know too well here at VCU: it is beyond expensive. From there, Lauryn wanted to find an alternative and essentially, a community of women who all were looking to learn from one another. Thus, her blog The Skinny Confidential was born. Ten years later and Lauryn has built a massive community, unlike one I’ve ever seen. Every blog and Instagram post is intentional to reach out to other women and continue building this amazing community of women who support each other. It brings together women worldwide, empowering them through each other. Such a simple but revolutionary concept.

So you’re probably thinking, "This is all well and good Merry, but how does she even inspire you?" Well, I'm so glad you asked. One thing that separates Lauryn from other amazing women to me is that she is real. The more I listen to Lauryn’s podcast or read her blog or scroll through her beautiful feed (like absolutely beautiful), the more I feel like I know her. She’s bared her soul and she’s posted her travel vlog but it’s all real and that is a lot different than what’s out there nowadays. Even more than that, Lauryn is relatable. She came from a state school just like so many girls out there and has had to work for everything she’s ever wanted. I feel like she can be me or you or the girl next door, and she did that. She built that. And if she did that, what’s stopping me or you or the girl next door from chasing our dreams and actually achieving them?

So after reading this incredibly motivating article (thanks guys, I try), you may feel overwhelmed as to how in the world you’re supposed to take control of your life and finally do what you want to do. Please take a deep breath and sit down (no lawsuits today guys). You just need to find your passion, and that may take time, but until then all I can suggest is listening to the TSC podcast. Check out the Insta feed and maybe even the blog if you’re feeling it, and find someone who inspires you like Lauryn Evarts Bosstick inspires me. I promise it makes a world of a difference in your own life when you find someone who inspires you.  

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