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I’m a lazy girl when it comes to facial care. I know that I should pay more attention to my skin and wash my face every night, but why go through all of that when there are makeup remover wipes? Okay, I’m terrible-- I know… So that’s why I’m starting to get into taking better care of my skin by exploring new skincare products. Lately, I’ve been into face masks as a fun and easy way to freshen up my face.

Every morning I wash my face and make sure to moisturize my face with a lotion that has SPF 15, at least. At night, I usually just use a baby wipe or makeup remover wipe. I’m in college right now and broke, so spending money on excessive face lotions and creams is far out of reach.

I’ve realized that the nights I don’t take off my makeup and don’t take care of my skin, I end up seeing the consequences of it. I’ll wake up the next day with a big fat pimple. Right now, I have a big one on my nose and I know it’s because I’ve failed to wash my face at night. That means I needed to find something to get my face back to normal again.

I came across some Christmas presents I got last year that I haven’t used yet. My grandmother who is Korean gave me a couple of face masks I had never heard of before. She said they were Korean face masks and that they were really popular on the beauty scene. I Googled ‘Korean face masks’ and the face mask she got me happened to one that a lot of beauty gurus have talked about.

My grandmother gave me a couple of Papa Recipe Bombee Whitening Honey sheet masks. Apparently, they are organic and packed with nutrients for the skin. It’s made from organic pulp too.It’s designed with organic propolis (bee resin)  and honey extract to hydrate skin. It also has diamond powder and glutathione that brightens skin.  

I opened a mask pack and it immediately started oozing honey goo. It smelled amazing, like real honey. The mask was folded up with a thick white cardboard like paper. You have to unfold the paper and separate the two. The mask feels so thin yet jelly-like. It had two eyeholes, a nose and mouth hole. I applied it over my face and smoothened it to fit perfectly. I then left the mask on for 30 minutes. The mask felt really fresh on my face. The whole time, I could smell the pleasant honey smell. The mask never dropped off of my face like I thought it would either!

After I washed my face, my skin felt so soft. It was definitely softer than before. I also noticed that my face looked brighter. I don't know how that's possible, but it actually looked and felt brighter than beforehand. I could also smell honey for the rest of the night, I would do this face mask again for sure. The mask was easy to use and I could feel improvements instantly. I will definitely have to try more Korean skincare products soon because I now see what all the hype is about.

photo credit: Jasmine Medrano-Guevara

Jasmine Medrano-Guevara is a senior studying print and online journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University. She enjoys laughing at corny jokes, trying new recipes on Pinterest, makeup and writing reviews on Yelp. Jasmine hopes to work for a women's magazine after college. You can follow her on Instagram @jasminemedrano_ !
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