Kimye's Genius Marketing For Yeezy Season 6

As an advertising major, I love hearing the ads on Pandora and the only reason I’ll be watching the Super Bowl is because I want to critique, admire and gain new ideas from the commercials. It’s just my thing. So when public figures from social media started posting pictures of themselves as lookalike Kim Kardashians in Yeezy-styled outfits from head to toe, I was intrigued.

Husband of Kim and well known hip-hop producer and artist, Kanye West, initially released his famous Yeezy shoes in collaboration with Adidas in 2015. Titled the Yeezy Boost 750, these shoes were sold out within 10 minutes. Since then, West has released a variety of this sporty yet fashionable footwear. Knowing the sneakers have been an undeniable success, it’s no surprise that Kanye has furthered his brand by creating a unique line of Yeezy clothing to match.

Yeezy season clothing is undeniably simple. However, the simplicity in its design certainly does not take away from the line’s originality. Inspired by military attire, Kanye designed the looks to be street-style appropriate while also making a statement that upholds his brand. The colors are mainly nude tones, but when color is involved its always a muted, paler version. Yeezy Season 6 is no exception to these attributes. From Kim’s Instagram photos, the first thing I noticed was how well the clothing accentuated her signature figure.

As I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed, there was no way to avoid the obvious advertising.  Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and others posted photos of themselves transformed into Kim Kardashian identical twins by wearing the same outfits and posing in the same locations.

How exactly is this a genius marketing scheme? I like to look at it as almost a science experiment. Kimye used the location, the clothes, the poses and the blonde wig as their constant variables. The independent variable being tested on was the different models. The dependent variable? Our reactions. By keeping everything else the same, Yeezy Season 6 is able to highlight its ability to look good on different body types - from lean to curvy. Not only did the clothing line express body positivity, but the decision for all of these different women to post these Kim lookalike photos at the same time on platforms in which everyone can react (Twitter, Instagram) leaves the world no choice but to notice Yeezy. Talk about an attention grabber.

I’ll admit, I wanted to purchase something Yeezy. I googled “Yeezy season 6” online and quickly found the website, tempted to buy what everyone was apparently wearing. I clicked on a bralette piece that stood out to me and, well, I don’t know if I’m ready to spend $300 on a bra.

Despite Kanye’s high-end pricing, I can’t help but admire his and Kim’s collaboration in marketing the new season of clothing. They worked together to successfully capture the internet in a trance of Yeezy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the campaign caused an increase in Yeezy purchases.

Sure, the marketing idea may have seemed crazy at first, but name one genius that isn't crazy.

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