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I Tried The Innisfree Spring Break Survival Kit… And Loved It!

As someone without perfectly clear skin, I am constantly on the lookout for skincare supplies that are going to help me feel comfortable with or without makeup! With the help of HerCampus, I was supplied with the Innisfree Spring Break Survival Kit to see how my skin reacts to the products. The Survival Kit brings some of their best products such as their Intensive Hydrating Serum, Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream, Intensive Hydrating Cream and It’s Real Squeeze mask.  

I would describe my skin as oily, so it was really easy for my red flags to go up when I saw the word “hydrating,” appear on almost all of the products. Although I’m also aware that oily skin also needs hydrating formulas and serums just as much as dry skin does. Although it sounds weird, if you have oily skin, it could be because your skin is overcompensating for the amount of drying products you use. So with an open mind and skin that desperately needed a facial, I gave it a try and… loved it!  

In case you’re new to the brand, Innis free uses only natural ingredients found on Korea’s pristine Jeju Island. Their skin care products are formulated with an average of 80 percent naturally derived ingredients and are responsibly sourced, so it was no wonder my skin looked its best when I tried the products.  

The Products  

Each product in the Survival Kit had a different consistency but were all formulated without parabens, synthetic colors or mineral oils. They all smelled faintly of green tea, but even for my sensitive nose, it was more pleasant than a disturbance.  

The Intensive Hydrating Cream with Green Tea Seed which is for the face and neck, felt like a thin mask on my skin, compared to the much thicker Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream. The serum, of course, was the silkiest product and melted right in with the other two products. The serum does have a bit of a stronger scent so if fragrance is an issue for you, you might want to take that into consideration.   Once all of the products were on my face, the products didn’t feel sticky or pile on, as it felt like I was simply wearing a thick face cream. The Jeju Green Tea Extract and the Green Tea Seed Oil work in unison to make sure the skin retains moisture for a longer period of time.  

What Was my Routine?  

At night, I planned on using my face mask before bed so the moisture could really soak in over-night. My first step was to completely take off my makeup, followed by washing my face with a cleanser, a toner, and finally, the It’s Real Squeeze Mask. I also applied just a few drops of the serum on my face to really lock in the ingredients. The next morning, I made a note that my skin actually did look refreshed, almost as if I had just taken a shower.  

In the morning, I did my cleanse and tone routine again but I followed it this time with sunscreen, the Intensive Hydrating Cream, Eye Crème and Serum. By the end, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my face didn’t look like an oil slick, it looked naturally healthy. The best way to describe it is that it looked like “my skin but better.”  

The Results  

Of course, I didn’t see any tremendous results from my one-time trial, but I did enjoy the experience. I’m not going to tell you that all of the marks on my skin completely disappeared, or that the pimples on my face magically disappeared, but as a whole the products made my skin look great the entire day.  

Around five or six p.m., I generally have to go touch up and blot the oilier parts of my face, but I believe the products balanced out my pH levels because when I went to do a check-in, my face looked just as good as it had in the morning. When I went back and looked at the product details, I saw that the Green Tea leaves used for the products are rich in amino acids and minerals.  

Lastly, I will be trying out more of the Face and Eye cream, because I personally felt that the serum was a bit too fragranced for my taste but as a whole, I believe the products worked amazingly together! I’ll also probably be picking up a few face masks because a girl can really never have too many. Give this survival pack a try this spring break and thank me later!

Photo Credit: Chelsea-Leigh Schmidt

Gabriela is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University located in Richmond, Virginia. She is pursuing a degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. Communications has always been a passion of hers as she believes that there is value in every interaction. Aside from writing for Her Campus, she is also the President of Muevelo, the only Latinx/Hispanic Influenced Dance Organization at VCU. Her goals in life include owning multiple businesses in order to fund an animal sanctuary. She believes in equal rights, women empowerment, and corny jokes.
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