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How to Get Through Quarantine With Your Family

For some, this quarantine lifestyle is one of the worst things to ever happen to them. Why, you ask? Aside from the main difficulties that come with the change of schedules and the mental health issues that arise as a result, being forced to move back home with your family may be one of the most toxic things 2020 has had to offer some of us. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a healthy relationship with the people we share a home with, and that sucks, but allow me to help make this transition a little bit easier for you.

The relationship I have with my family has been a work in progress since the time I could make decisions for myself. I am what you would call, “the protestor kid,” the Malcolm X of the family if you will (let me not give myself that much credit but you see the picture, yes?) Every time something happened that I disagreed with or felt was unfair, everyone knew about it. Mind you, I grew up in an immigrant household, and it’s safe to say I wasn’t the easiest child to raise.

This all created a very strained relationship between my mother and me, in particular. We have very similar personalities, her and I, our stubbornness and need to do everything and anything made it hard for us to find common ground. Through the years, we have come to understand each other better, and while there still are bad days here and there, I am really proud of the progress we have made. Our relationship isn’t perfect, but really, whose is? Accepting that, in itself, has been the biggest challenge and lesson I’ve learned yet.

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Now that I’ve set the scene for y’all about me, here’s some things I have picked up along the way in this particular circumstance. This is a scary time for everyone, especially your parents. A lot of people are getting laid off, not getting paid enough and still have families to provide for and take care of. The stress of that alone is not going to make staying indoors with them the easiest.

Imagine being a parent and there being a pandemic that could potentially take the lives of your children and parents. Cut them some slack, okay. I know how easy it is for adults to get snippy and wanting to retaliate, but take a step back for a second and think if an argument is worth it during a time like this. 

Here’s some advice now for you, keeping myself entertained and busy has kept me sane. For example, up until this week, I refused to get TikTok because I guess I just thought it wasn’t worth it, I don’t know. But anyway, I downloaded it and I’m here to report, I am addicted. That may or may not be good in some people’s eyes but getting up and making a makeup video or watching a funny video and showing my family has kept me entertained. I’ve been reading and getting back into all the hobbies I used to enjoy but had no time for too. Honestly, though, the main thing that has kept me from completely losing my mind has been shifting my perspective from “Wow, Corona has ruined my life” to “Okay Corona, you’re here, I guess, so I might as well enjoy the things you haven’t snatched away yet.” This isn’t an easy time for anyone, but you do have the power to make it a little more tolerable if you want to. Much love guys, stay safe, stay indoors and perhaps even find yourself again.

Niya Ahmed is currently in junior year of college at VCU and hopes to graduate with a bachelors degree in English and a minor in creative writing, at least for now. She is a advocate of furthering her education as well as the education of her peers. She enjoys all things media such as movies, social media apps and music. On any given day you can find her with her headphones in or a book in her hand. Niya has been writing for all her life although it is recently she has began to publish publicly. To find more of Niya follow her Instagram: niyaahmed22 or on Twitter: niya_ahmed18
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