Healthy Foods for the Picky Eater

Finding food options for me is difficult, not only because I am a vegetarian, but because I am very picky when it comes to food. Granted, more restaurants now are offering a wide variety of vegetarian options, but that doesn’t help the fact that I am very particular when it comes to food.

First, I will never eat anything with peanut butter on or in it, not because I’m allergic, but just because I hate it. A common substitute for peanut butter is Nutella, but I don't particularly like that either.

Second, I will never eat bananas or applesauce, because just the smell of those foods make me gag. So, you see how difficult it used to be for my Mom to come up with lunch ideas for me as a kid. Sorry, Mom. Even if you are the pickiest eater, you are defiantly going to find something in this list of foods that you'll like! 

  1. 1. Penne Pasta with Peppers 

    Pasta is my go-to food. Not only is it good, it's also really easy to make. I am always looking for ways to do something different with pasta instead of the traditional penne with marinara sauce meal. This Penne Pasta with Peppers recipe from AllRecipes gives you an opportunity to get in your daily dose of vegetables as well, as a delicious option for lunch or dinner! 

  2. 2. Veggie Omelet 

    You can never go wrong with a veggie omelet in the morning. You can put any vegetables in it that you want. This recipe for a Veggie Stuffed Omelet from Betty Crocker calls for bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach and cheddar cheese. Even the pickiest eater should love this easy veggie omelet recipe! 

  3. 3. Fruit Salad 

    My mom makes a fruit salad with pineapples, oranges, apples, grapes and basically any fruit in the house. Paired with mango pulp and vanilla ice cream, it is heavenly! Although I can't have my mom's fruit salad while I'm away at college, I can have this Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad from Cooking Classy, which uses honey and lime as the dressing instead of a cream or pudding. 

  4. 4. Chinese Vegetable Stir Fry 

    This Chinese Vegetable Sir Fry recipe from The Spruce Eats looks absolutely delectable! This stir-fry is made with a hoisin-based sauce and calls for seitan, which you could always substitute for tofu. You can also put any vegetable you like into this recipe and it'll taste amazing regardless. I will definitely be trying out this recipe! 

  5. 5. Veggie Quesadillas

    I like my veggie quesadillas with zucchini, mushrooms and olives, but again, this is one of those foods that you can put any vegetable in it and it will still taste delicious. This Cheesy Vegetable Quesadilla recipe from McCormick is easy to make and even the pickiest eater will love it!

Being a picky eater is not necessarily a bad thing; it might limit your options when you go out for food and could be a little annoying to others, but it just means you know what you like to eat! There are so many food recipes out there that you are sure to find something you like to eat!