Everything You Should Know About Captain Marvel

Calling all Marvel Superhero fans, be sure to put Captain Marvel on your newest, must-see list!

The Walt-Disney owned entertainment company has audiences completely intrigued with their first ever female-led superhero movie. The long anticipation for Captain Marvel started at the end of Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War, where they call for her help. Critics predicted that the movie would not be a hit, considering past female superhero movies were not so popular. The film practically slammed critics in the face and proved the fact that heroines can hold their ground in the spotlight when it debuted with a striking $455 million, internationally.

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That’s exactly why on the very first day the movie began to play at my local movie theater, I dragged my Marvel fanboy brother out to see it with me. The crowded showroom went on a roller coaster of emotions throughout the film.  It’s truly jam-packed with positive role modeling, heart-wrenching reunions, plot twists and of course a little bit of kicking butt.


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The plot is set in the 1990s and follows an Air Force pilot, Carol Danvers, who becomes one of the world’s most powerful heroes whilst there is a war between planets and alien species.  It sounds cheesy, but the movie is worth the wait to find out who prevails in the galactic war. Since it is the introduction and origin of Captain Marvel's story, you'll have to pay super close attention to detail to her background to really understand what she's up against.  Related image


Oscar award-winning Brie Larson plays the role of Captain Marvel. Her character offers a lot of takeaways as a strong female lead with a huge mission. She sends out an important message to the viewers, never lacking confidence and showing she is more than capable of taking on the role of being a heroine. Larson unapologetically embodied the perfect version of a role model-like female character. Image result for stan lee captain marvel

None of the Marvel Universe would really exist without the legendary Stan Lee, the prime creator and publisher of the Marvel Comics. He even has multiple secret appearances throughout nearly every Marvel movie and TV show since 2000 in X-Men. Following his death late last year, Captain Marvel will be his last movie cameo as well as the only film he did not get to see. There was a tribute to the brilliant creator during the opening of Captain Marvel, replacing all of the features from past Marvel films to Stan Lee cameo scenes.

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