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Everything You Need to Know About the New iPhone 12

After a month’s long delay, the new iPhone 12 by Apple is set to release in mid to end October. This will be Apple’s first iPhone release since the iPhone 11 last September. The phone will come in four sizes: the mini, normal, Pro and Pro Max, with the mini starting as low as $649 and the Pro Max reaching $1399 for the 512 GB model. The normal and the mini will come with two cameras, while the Pro and Pro Max will come with three cameras. Similar to the iPhone 5 model in the past, this new model will include a flat, metal edge. Unlike previous versions, however, this iPhone is rumored to feature OLED displays, which means a more accurate display and a better battery life. 

Many believe that the iPhone 12 should adopt a feature of this year’s iPad Air and include a Touch ID button on the frame of the device. This would make it easier to unlock the phone during the COVID-19 pandemic as masks obstruct Face ID from working. We are going to be wearing masks for a while now, and it would be prudent of Apple to release an iPhone that better accounts for our changing circumstances. 

One of the most highly anticipated features of this year’s model is the possibility of a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanner. Using laser beams to measure the distance and depth of objects, this scanner will improve the quality of photos and the Measure app function more accurately. Videos will also be sharper, and this new type of sensor will make augmented reality apps work cleaner on the iPhone. This new sensor will likely inspire the creation of more augmented reality apps on Apple platforms.

First introduced in mid-September of this year, the A14 Bionic chip will be on the iPhone 12. Compared to the A13 Bionic chip on the iPhone 11, this chip will bring improvements to the CPU and graphics. Apps and tasks that use machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) will function a lot better with this new chip as well. Leaked speed tests show that this chip makes the iPhone faster than any previous models and outcompetes the processors on the Samsung Galaxy s20 and Google Pixel 4.

The colors on this iPhone are rumored to have the same patterns as previous releases. The two smaller sizes will likely have more color options while the larger sizes will carry the same muted colors that were featured on the iPhone 11 Pro, with one source claiming that a dark blue would replace the midnight green.

Overall, the new iPhone features many new capabilities that will increase its functionality and make for a unique look in comparison to previous models. The iPhone 12 mini is predicted to sell at a price cheaper than the last iPhone 11 model, increasing Apple’s affordability to a wider array of consumers. These cheaper models could sell really well in the COVID-19 economy, where many people will currently not be able to afford a higher-priced phone.

Tanya Kurnootala is a freshman at VCU majoring in biology. She enjoys writing about issues that enrich the female perspective, with a focus on politics and women's health.
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