Embracing Your Natural Hair

Society has deemed black hair as undesirable and has been discriminated against at schools and in the workplace throughout history and still is to this day. Just this month, New York City has banned discrimination on the basis of hair, protecting vulnerable, many times young black people. Due to the societal pressures put on black women’s hair, my kinky hair is something that I am myself still in the process of learning to love.

Growing up black with predominantly white friends and also being bombarded with what the beauty ideal is made me feel like I needed to straighten my hair. It was hurtful that when I left school with braids and came back with my hair flat-ironed, that kids would say that they preferred it straight. It wasn’t until senior year of high school that I (apprehensively and nervously) started wearing my fro out consistently instead of straightened or always in a protective style.

I internalized comments and societal pressures surrounding my hair for many years, and I still to this day struggle with confidence related to my hair at times. It took me a long time to even realize I was one of the girls who could rock my natural hair, but the truth is that anyone can! I hear so many girls saying that they don’t have the “right” hair to wear it natural and honestly, it’s bull.  It’s time for society to accept our hair, and time for us kinky/curly-headed baddies to as well!hair women GIF by Harmonie Aupetit



Something that all naturals should keep in mind is that everyone's natural hair is SO extremely different. A method that works on someone else could be a disaster on your hair or vice versa. Try not to get too discouraged if you follow some natural hair care tips that don’t end up working for you because not all of them will, It’s inevitable!

A good way to submerge yourself in the process of accepting your hair is to watch the natural hair community on YouTube. There are girls on there with hair types of all sorts who give the rundown on the best products to put in your hair and styling tutorials. You can search for your hair type and find a YouTuber with a similar one. Following an influencer with similar hair as you can also make you more confident about your own! If you see a girl owning her hair unapologetically, it could give you some inspiration to do the same.

One of the biggest truths to keep in mind in relation to your hair is that another woman’s beauty is NOT in the absence of your own. This means accepting your hair at every length, no matter what curl pattern you have or where you are in your natural hair journey! I know we are shown the ideal image of femininity all of the time and it is hard truly to ignore, but ladies, we got this!black 70s GIF

If all black hair is beautiful, what makes me an exception to that? What makes YOU any exception to that? It is time for me to start embracing my thin, dry, type four, and AMAZING hair and I want you to embrace your hair too! We are beautiful, we are loved and our curls and kinks are, well...iconic.

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