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There are moments in life where you are so consumed with what’s happening around you that you don’t stop to think about yourself. For a person like me who has the habit to put others before yourself, you need to know that there is an extent to where it becomes an unhealthy lifestyle. To prevent this from happening, you should learn to make time for yourself. Here are some tricks and tips on how to focus on yourself.

Don’t get sucked into your surroundings.

Living in the 21st century, the era of Instagram and tweets, it is so easy to get sucked into how and what others are doing. I’ve caught myself multiple times getting upset over what my friends are doing when I’m not doing anything. There have been instances where instead of enjoying what I’m doing, I worry about how to take a picture and immediately post it with the right filter at the right time to get the most likes (trust me you are not the only one). It’s easier said than done but the best way to avoid this feeling of “fomo” (fear of missing out), is to do a social media cleanse. Start with a couple hours, and then eventually carry it on for a day, at least. Instead, do something that you love to do; basically, distract yourself. Maybe go outside and take a walk, draw something, listen to music or even meditate. See how that changes the way you feel about yourself.

Control how much stress you allow yourself to let in.

In some ways, stress is a good thing. It kicks up your adrenaline and pushes you to finish that extra mile or submit an assignment at the brink of a due date. However, too much of anything, including stress, causes strain to your mind. It’s safe to say that college is stressful. Balancing between classes, a social life, family and possibly a job, it’s easy to forget how to truly let go. Giving time to do the things that you want to do can help you alleviate the rest of the stressors in your life. So when you are making your next busy schedule, remember to have “me” time.

Be with people who give you positive vibes.

Although it is good to have time for yourself, it’s not good when you start to exclude other people in your life. But, always remember to have the right people around you. They give you positive energies that you need for your day. It’s NEVER OK to be with friends, or anyone in general, who bring you down. No matter how much they mean to you, you can’t let them affect the way you are feeling. Avoid people that try to change you, rather than give you advice. Stick with those who are there for you when you need someone, rather than those you talk to just when they need something. Being around people who encourage you, is a good way to help you realize what you need to accomplish any goals that you have for yourself.

Always remember that you are your first priority. Don’t be afraid to step back for a few moments in life and take care of yourself, you are worth it!

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Gargi is currently part time editorial team member at Her Campus as a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her hobbies include drawing, blogging and painting. You would most likely catch Gargi eating Panera and binge watching to New Girl or Once Upon A Time. Although she is a biology major, she find writing inspiring and a way to express feelings that she can't say in person. She sees herself working in the Public Health field in the future.
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