Dear Pollen

Dear pollen,

Let’s have a little chat. I’d like to start off by saying I appreciate you and everything you do. You help make this Earth pretty and healthy and for that, we can never repay you. I acknowledge your importance to the well-being of the planet, so I can’t blame you for your imperfections.        

Which brings me to my next point. Although you do great things for us as a whole, you personally cause me great discomfort. You make me sneeze more times in a single day than I do all of winter. You make my eyes water so much that I constantly look like I’ve just had a breakdown. You make my nose run so much that a single box of tissues is gone within a few days. You make me break out my dreaded nose spray which I avoid using for as long as possible. You make Zyrtec become my best friend but even that can’t withstand the power that you have over me. 

You make springtime bittersweet because while I’m excited for the sunny weather that comes with it, I do not look forward to being reunited with you. It’s nothing personal, it’s not something that you do on purpose, but I can’t help the animosity I have towards you. You’re sprinkled across everything in sight, and I can’t help but look at you with scorn.

I hope that one day we can find a healthy balance. I would love to have a good relationship with you because I don’t like holding grudges. Maybe in the future, I’ll find a better remedy for the effects of you that will allow me to think nothing of you. Unfortunately, that day doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon so we’ll both have to live with for a while longer.

I apologize for my ill will towards you, but that doesn’t mean I want you to disappear. Thank you for making my front yard look alive again after months of bare branches and bitter cold weather. If you could just ease up on flying in my face every time I step outside, that would be great.


An allergy sufferer

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