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Celebrities Are at Risk of Over-Saturation

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With the advancement of social media, the divide between the elusive, mysterious celebrity and us “normies” no longer exists. Stars today are on every social platform imaginable, billboards, commercials, liquor bottles (why does every celebrity have an alcohol brand?) and on the cover of every tabloid magazine neatly placed near grocery store checkout lines.

The constant presence of celebrities has caused me to question how much fame is too much fame.

Over the last decade, we’ve distanced ourselves from only getting our information about celebrities from gossip websites, magazines and Facebook. While the general public and fans are partially to blame for wanting to know so much about celebrities, stars sometimes give us more than we bargained for. For example, Harry Styles has been in the public eye for over ten years, and his status has arguably grown daily. 

harry styles in front of msg banner smiling
Photo by Lloyd Wakefield

Between the pop star’s two new movies being released, a 15-night residency at Madison Square Garden, and another collection for his nail polish company, Pleasing, being released, the Brit has been in the news every day. While all of Styles’ accomplishments are very impressive, it seems as though he’s trending on Twitter every time he holds Olivia Wilde’s hand or if he allegedly spits in Chris Pine’s lap at the Venice Film Festival. As a long-time Harry Styles fan, even I’m getting overwhelmed with his constant presence.   

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new, but they seem to be everywhere and can possibly have adverse effects. If we constantly see the same face pushing the same products as consumers, we might get sick of seeing it and possibly find a lack of trust in the celebrity. Honestly, how many of you actually trusted Adam Levine’s Proactive commercials? 

Kim Kardashian has reached the stratosphere where everyone knows her name, even my grandma. Between her multiple business ventures, significant social media presence, and tumultuous relationship with Kanye West, it’s no wonder the reality star has managed to stay relevant for nearly two decades. Still, her relevance has caused a Kim Kardashian overload. 

A few months ago, the SKIMS founder dropped a new skincare brand, SKKN, and many people were questioning the authenticity of the brand. While Kardashian’s sustained presence in the news helped publicity, many fans wondered if this was just another cash grab for the reality star. In a world with so many publicity stunts and well-thought-out PR moves, it’s challenging to avoid celebrities and their skincare, lifestyle or alcohol brands, but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Claudia Stewart is currently a junior at VCU, majoring in fashion merchandising with a minor in art history. She enjoys watching rom-coms, baking double chocolate chip cookies with her roommate, and finding the best spot for sushi in her free time. Stewart loves writing about pop culture, fashion, and beauty.
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