The Black Friday Deals You Should Look Out For

Black Friday has always been and will continue to amaze me every year. Like how can stores possibly sell their products for that cheap and still make a profit? While I may never know the answer to that question, I still will always fall for the crazy 70% off signs posted all over the mall and my laptop. The most irritating part of this faux holiday though, is that these crazy numbers and sales are usually so misleading. For example, it could say 65% off the whole store but when you walk in the only items left are clearance items. So to keep you from wasting your time on these ridiculous, misleading sales, I've compiled a list of the best deals to look out for this Black Friday!

  1. 1. Gymshark

    If you are into working out at all or just like going to the gym semi-decent, the mother of all fitness brands is having their annual blackout sale starting Monday (11/25). Everything in their online store is 30%-70% off, which for Gymshark is crazy, considering they only have two sales a year (I know right). Their workout leggings which are normally $60ish can be marked down to below $40 along with their tops and outerwear (which is my favorite). So definitely check it out if you’re into sporting wear because its something you shouldn’t miss.

  2. 2. PrettyLittleThing

    This one's a no-brainer. If you’re into online shopping at all, I bet you’ve heard of PrettyLittleThing (PLT). Their sale this Black Friday is unbeatable with everything on their website up to 70% off including their shoes, accessories and outerwear. They weren’t kidding when they said everything. Their clothes range from any party outfit you’d need to your next Christmas dinner outfit so head to their site if you’re in need of an outfit for pretty much anything.

  3. 3. Calvin Klein 

    Random right? Okay, yes it is, but CK never fails to provide quality intimates so being able to get some at a bargain is definitely worth it. The brand is doing up to 60% off sitewide which hopefully means that your favorite underwear is on sale too. Calvin Klein is holding this sale up until Cyber Monday but their items may not last that long so order your items quick before they get snatched up.

  4. 4. Aerie

    Random again but, hey, might as well take advantage of the sales. Aerie may have the biggest sale of them all. All underwear is 10 for $35, bralettes and pajamas are $20 and sweatshirts are $30. On top of that, their entire collection is $40. I think that’s pretty crazy because all of their stuff is pretty good quality and now you can get both quality and quantity. The best part is that the sales are both online and in-store so that you can either shop from the comfort of your own bed or find what you need in a store near you on Friday.

Black Friday is sure to take out your wallet, so make it a little less painful for your bank account by trying these places out first. I promise you it’ll be worth it and the best part? You can shop most of these items from the comfort of your bed instead of fighting the outrageous lines in stores.