9 Struggles of Going to the Gym with Glasses

Wearing glasses on a regular basis can be a struggle, but going to the gym with glasses is always a hard time. From glasses constantly sliding down your face to just not being able to do particular workouts, you might be questioning why you went to the gym in the first place. 

1. When you try running on the treadmill and your glasses keep sliding down your face. And the elliptical. And the stairs. Somehow even the stationary bike makes your glasses slide down.

2. Sweating excessively also results in having your glasses slide down your face. Really? I’m already dripping all over my body and now my glasses are falling? I should just stay home next time. 

3. Working out with earphones in and glasses on is a lot because any sudden movement will result in one of the two falling. Combine this with the excessive sweating and you will really wish you stayed home. 

4. Trying to watch an episode of Netflix on the elliptical but not being able to look down without fear that your glasses are going to fall off. All I want is to exercise and watch this episode of Grey's Anatomy, is that really too much to ask for?

5. When a cute boy walks by and your glasses fog up. Like, come on, does my attraction to this person really need to be advertised?

6. Speaking of glasses fogging up...they literally always fog up. Walk too fast? Fog. Breathe too hard? Fog. Think too hard? Fog.

7. When you want to try and be adventurous and do something new but your glasses get in the way. Ever try doing yoga poses with glasses? Just...don’t.

8. Nothing is worse than when your glasses fall off when you’re doing a plank. I should've just planked in my bed, honestly. 

9. Wishing that you weren’t nearly blind without your glasses so you could just work out in peace. Maybe one day I'll cave and get contacts. Maybe one day I'll be able to work out with glasses. Maybe. 

Cover Image Credit: Jessica Mayfield