9 Signs Your Friend is Fake

The new year is upon us and it may be time to leave some things -or people- behind in 2017. Starting college, you have probably made a bunch of new friends. Some of these people you still hang out with and others you’re not sure why or how you fell off. Even though you still have some friends lingering around from high school or freshman year of college, they may not be the best friends to keep around. Here are some warning signs your pal just might be fake:

1. Your “friend” only wants to hang out when they need something

You would text them often asking to hang out, but they’d always say they were busy. All of a sudden, when they need help with a project, they head on over to you. How convenient!

2. Your “friend” won’t give you a ride

There are times you’ve been stranded and have no one else to call. You end up calling your friend who definitely has a car, but they tell you they don’t feel like taking you anywhere or picking you up. If it was on the other hand, you would definitely help them in their time of need. But, hey, not everyone is as nice as you.

3. Your “friend” nickel and dimes you

There have been plenty of times you’ve invited them to partake in an activity with you for free. But of course when you don’t have any goods to bring to the table, they hit you with the “do you have $5?”

4. Your “friend” doesn’t invite you out anymore

You and your pal use to have the best of times together. But lately, they haven’t been including you in any of their plans because they’ve made new friends.

5. Your “friend” told your business to someone else

You trusted that person with a bit of information you’d rather the world not know. All of a sudden, people start bringing that topic up to you. Wonder where they heard that from?

6. Your “friend” is hanging out with someone you aren’t too fond of

It’s always shocking when a friend begins to hang out with someone you have never really gotten along with. What could they possibly be talking about? This is always dangerous because if your “friend” ever gets upset with you, they’ll be bound to tell this new friend your business. Where is the loyalty?!

7. Your “friend” ditches you while you’re out together

You both decided to go out together in a group. As the night progresses, you see them start hanging out with other people or you may not ever see them again in the club. They then proceed to text you, “hey i’m leaving with _____.” Sometimes they may not even text you at all. Welp, there goes your ride. This means it’s time for you to start looking for an overpriced Uber to split with no one.

8. Your “friend” won’t do the same things for you that you would do for them

You’re a loyal friend and whenever they need something, you’re always there. You have noticed that the friendship level isn’t being reciprocated. This is a horrible feeling. Because who wants to feel like they’re not worth anyones time or that they are being taken advantage of?

9. Your “friend” never checks up on you

They clearly see your having a bad day from your sad posts on social media, but they just go on about their business. You’ll go months without talking and they won’t even ask you how you’re doing.

It sucks when you realize that the friend you thought you had, was never really a good friend in the first place. A friend should be someone you can confide in and should also be someone that you can always run to, even when something has gone wrong. If that friend is just taking advantage of how nice you are, it’s probably better to leave them behind in 2017.

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