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9 Signs You Have Spring Fever

Find yourself online shopping for shorts and crop-tops in class? It’s still cold outside, sweetheart. You have spring fever. 

1. Finding an excuse to drive your car for absolutely no reason — just to blast your favorite song and sing along (or should I say screaming?) with the windows down.

2. “Planning” your summer vacations even though you probably won’t end up going.

3. Walking around campus with shorts and a tank top on to show off your “beach-ready bod” in 50 degree weather.

4. Starting to wear “springy” colors.

5. Buying fresh flowers and placing them everywhere in your house.

6. Having the countdown to spring in your agenda, phone and in your head.

7. Starting to plan your trips to baseball games.

8. Setting your Daylight Savings clock in advance so your internal body clock gets used to the time.

Oh, and my favorite:

9. Because you are in such a “springy” mood, you tend to be more flirtatious. Flirting leads to crushing. Crushing leads to a small summer fling ;)

I know all of us collegiettes are dying for spring break. Don’t worry, we’re almost there! Finish your exams strong and our time off will be well worth it. Try your best not to skip class with all of this beautiful weather coming along! 

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