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8 Beauty Influencers I’m Into Right Now

If you own a cell phone or laptop and that has access to the Internet, then it is likely that you may have scrolled yourselves into to the deep abyssal zones of Youtube at least once or twice within your lifetime, or even within the past week. We’ve all had our moments where we were procrastinating, watching a video of a cute hedgehog getting its head stuck in a piece of bread, to randomly watching a short documentary on how some type of foreign desert is made.

My YouTube guilty pleasure is watching beauty influencers give tips on skincare, haircare and makeup. But that’s not just all they have to offer, beauty influencers are just so fun to keep up with considering that genuinely have a love and passion for beauty and style, to the point of pursuing successful careers in that field.

Honestly, if we’re gonna be scrolling away for hours while procrastinating and avoiding all responsibilities, we might as well use that time on something that’ll be useful to us at some point in life. A casual skincare or fashion tip or two wouldn’t hurt, and could possibly be beneficial later down the road. Here are some kick*ss beauty influencers who have yet to steer me in the wrong direction, and gives consistent yet interesting content.

1. Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley’s bubbly personality and her overall love for her craft is what I love most about her. She’s a self taught photographer, and a talented MUA who is the literal definition of “less is more.” Her simple, everyday looks are my fave. You can watch Alissa’s videos on her YouTube channel. 

2. Karen Yeung

Karen is one of the most compelling beauty influencers out there, and I live for the way she executes and delivers her looks with a uniqueness that not a lot of beauty influencers out there does. Karen’s style is the perfect mix of streetwear, yet feminine, and sometimes even glam; however, she can also give you laid back and comfortable looks without looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Karen is also a makeup artist, who gives lots of everyday makeup tips, and makes her own creative looks. You can watch Karen’s videos on her YouTube channel. 

3. Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is a beauty influencer who has perfected the craft of making makeup tutorials interesting from start to finish. Along with her outgoing personality along with the fact that she’s super talented and great at what she does, she also fights for representation the beauty industry. She’s gone as far as working with Too Faced to create a foundation shade range that would be inclusive for dark skin makeup lovers around the world. You can watch Jackie’s videos on her YouTube channel. 

4. Will On A Whim 

I’ve gotten a lot of great hair tips from Will. He keeps his videos energetic and fun, and also relates a lot of what he does to Beyoncé (which I love because… same). You can watch his videos on his YouTube channel. 

5. Teaira Walker

Besides the fact that Teaira has one of the cutest dogs ever, she’s an mua who gives lots of lovely tips of what to do when you’re going out, no matter what the occasion is. Teaira serves up a lot of night out glam, along with daytime glam that could be great for your everyday looks (if you’re someone who wears lots of makeup everyday). You can watch Teaira’s videos over at her YouTube channel. 

6. Jessica Vu 

Jessica creates really great get ready with me videos, and she’s also one of those YouTubers who gives great tips on what you could do to amplify your everyday makeup looks. You can watch Jessica’s videos on her YouTube channel. 

7. Bri Hall

Bri is a girl who has a unique style that pays homage to the 90’s, without making it boring. You can watch Bri’s videos on her YouTube channel. 

8. Chelsie Worthy

Chelsie creates makeup tutorials in ways many people don’t make videos on Youtube. Her skills in editing have resulted. She calls them “Traptorials,” and she makes videos of herself doing her makeup along to the beat of some of her favorite trap songs. Not only is Chelsie really great with editing, she’s great with makeup as well. She even creates her own highlights, and sells them on her own website. You can watch Chelsie’s videos on her Instagram or her YouTube channel. 

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Evan studies Political Science with a concentration in International Relations at VCU. He's an enthusiast of the arts, Beyoncé, and iced almond milk lattes.
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