6 Small How-to's That Help Bunches

Enjoy this list of small things that you can easily do to improve your everyday life!


1. How to Trim Bangs

Not wanting me to incessantly waste my money, my hair stylist taught me to trim my bangs and so I want to teach you. By trimming in this method, the outside of the bangs are slightly longer in order to frame your face.

  1. Wash your hair
  2. Gather all your wet bangs on your forehead 
  3. Pinch the far right end and far left end together to make a little triangle
  4. Twist the ends until you have a tight twist down the center of your forehead 
  5. Trim straight across the edges of the tips, perpendicular to the twist itself( START SMALL, YOU CAN ALWAYS CUT MORE BUT YOU CAN'T CUT LESS) 


2. How to Make Your Sad Friends Feel Better

  1. Write them a letter 
    • This is far more personal than a mere text and it is also tangible 
  2. Buy them their favorite candy
    • Candy is uber cheap and food is always good
  3. Bake them something
    • Showing up unexpectedly can be rude. It is never rude if you have freshly fried doughnuts in your hands.
  4. Print out Pictures for Them
    • CVS prints out pictures for so cheap. Memories of happy moments will make the sad ones more bearable. 
  5. Talk to Them
    • They probably just need to get something off their chest. Listen wholeheartedly. Do not spin the topic around to yourself. Everyone just wants to be heard. 


3. How to Make your Sad Self Feel Better

  1. Drink a cup of tea
    • Put a buttload of honey in it and calm down. 
  2. Get underneath your blanket and re-watch your favorite movie
    • Fuzzy blankets and the Anne of Green Gables movies will always make me feel better. 
  3. Dance
    • Put on your happy song and force yourself to move. You'll wind up dancing. 
  4. Reach out
    • Someone will want to hang out with you, I guarantee. No matter if you think all your friends despise you at the moment, there will be someone. 
  5. Eat
    • Sweets make me feel better but maybe you are a savory person. Food is a form of love. Love yourself.


4. How to Wear a Turtleneck in the Winter

  1. By itself
    • Few people are simple nowadays. Turtlenecks by themselves are comfy and sophisticated. 
  2. Underneath a strappy dress or tank top
    • Are you sad you can't wear you favorite summer dress when it gets cold? Don't be! Throw on your turtleneck beneath it and you've got a cute, layered look! Even plain cami tank tops look cute overtop of turtlenecks. 
  3. With a blazer
    • Blazers with turtlenecks are nice, warm professional wear, but can also be worn casually with jeans. 
  4. Underneath a sweater
    • A turtleneck is just another accessory. Wearing a complimentary color or a contrasting color can make your outfit pop and keep you cozy. 
  5. With a vest
    • Furry things are super in this year so maybe try a furry vest!


5. How to Make Variations on Hot Cocoa

  1. The basic
    • Normal hot cocoa with marshmallows is a classic. 
  2. The glittery
    • This a very Caroline thing. Use whipped cream and sprinkle the sugar dust sprinkles over top. 
  3. The peppermint
    • Make the hot cocoa and then add a few drops of peppermint extract and stir. 
  4. The caramel
    • Go Starbucks on that cocoa and whip out some caramel sauce sold in the grocery for ice cream Sunday's over top of some whipped cream. 
  5. The hazelnut
    • When warming the milk for the hot cocoa, add half a cup of hazelnut spread to it and stir it in. 


6. How to Buy the Best Gift Ever

  1. Look on Etsy
    • This site has so many cool, unique items that aren't mass produced but made just for you. 
  2. Redbubble
    • This site has everything. Personally, I buy my friends stickers from their favorite TV shows, bands, or movies. You could spend days scrolling through this site. Who doesn't love stickers?
  3. Thrift stores
    • Especially at VCU, there are a myriad of thrift stores super duper close. These stores allow for different gifts and are incredibly thoughtful because you are forced to consider what the person would actively wear. 
  4. Pinterest
    • Pinterest has great DIY options if you are willing to get crafty, but also it has ideas of things you can purchase. It is a great starting point to figuring out the hardest person on your list. 
  5. Sale sections on Anthropology and Urban Outfitters
    • For Christmas last year, I got all the girls in my friend group mini waffle makers from Urban Outfitters' sale section. They were each around ten bucks and super cute and functional. These stores both have great clothing and home items. Moreover, they have big sales regularly. 

I hope these help improve your life!

Image Credit: Eleanor Ritzman