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6 Inspirational Quotes The World Needs Right Now

It is okay not to be okay! Many of us have been struggling to adjust to this new way of life we have to follow and that is okay. It is important, though, for you to try to stay positive and be grateful for all the things you do have instead of falling into a deep hole of negativity and self-pity. When things get rough, and you need a pick me up, read these (cheesy and corny) quotes to brighten your mood.

Start Each Day With a Grateful Heart

Every morning try to remind yourself of things you have and are grateful for instead of thinking of things you wish you had. This will help you realize that even during times of hardship, there are still positive things happening!

Next Chapter of Your Life

Similarly to the previous quote, this one reminds you that you can’t enjoy the present if you keep thinking about the past. It is okay to miss going out with friends or going to restaurants, but now there are other things you can do, maybe during this chapter of your life, you can finally start that new hobby you always wanted to try but never had time for! 

Talk About Your Blessings

As I said before, counting your blessings will help you be reminded of all the good things you have, even if they are little ones. A way to do this is each day think about something you are grateful, no matter how small it may seem, maybe you are grateful for your pets, your mother, having your favorite snack available to you or being able to listen to your favorite artist.

Step by Step. Day by day.

Taking things day by day is extremely important during times of uncertainty! Right now, it is almost impossible to plan for the future since we don’t know what will be happening in a few weeks, let alone months, but you can plan for today and tomorrow! If you take things day by day, you will realize how much easier it is to enjoy the moment you are living in instead of spending your time worrying about the future.  

Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control

As annoying as it may be for some of us, we do not have control over what is going on in the world right now, and we cannot change it. One thing you can do is worry about the things you can control: your schoolwork, the books you read, the music you listen to. It’s the little things that will keep your mind grounded! 

Life is Tough But so Are You

Important reminder: You can get through this! Times are rough, I know. Things are hard, weird and complicated, and it is difficult to get by, but you have to remind yourself every day that you are strong and tough, and this is only making you stronger.

Stay strong and positive everyone! We can get through this!

Fran Ramos is a VCU student where she is majoring in Public Relations. She spends most of her time trying new Pho restaurants with her friends or listening to music. She is a mom to three cats, Lorenzo, Teresa and Oswald and loves to spam her social media followers with pictures of them.
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