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The end of the semester is near and it’s time to make sure that you feel accomplished with your work before you’re off on winter break. It can be hard to continue to do homework and study when the end is so, so close and you can feel yourself mentally checking out.

Here are five tips to take into consideration to make sure that you finish this semester successfully.

Pursue extra credit opportunities

Some professors offer extra credit, and now may be the time to get those few extra points to boost your grade, even if it’s already high. Re-read the syllabus of some of your classes that you probably haven’t opened since the first month. Or, reach out to your professor to see if they can offer anything. It doesn’t hurt to ask and double-check.

question your methods, and maybe change them

Finals season is synonymous with phrases like “all-nighter” and “chugging caffeine.” While it may seem easy to down a Redbull to stay up all night, perhaps a better solution is to get a good night of sleep before you start an hours-long study session. Realistically, your mind is bound to get foggy and not work at its best after you’ve been staring at a computer screen from sundown till sunrise. Certain stimulants may be counter-productive.

get work done during the day

Daylight saving time can make it hard for people to want to do any work after the sun comes down earlier than ever. Daylight saving has also been a period of time that has been shown to lead to mood disturbances and feeling more down. In general, try to spend more mornings outside in the sun to alleviate these symptoms. This is also a good time to get your work done.

go to class

Skipping class puts you behind. It can become easier to skip near the end of the semester because you can see the Thanksgiving and winter breaks right around the corner. While it’s reasonable to skip if you need a mental health day, are ill or have another good excuse—don’t skip just to skip. Pay attention and gather those last few dregs of knowledge to prepare you for finals.

take care of yourself

Don’t forget to make time for your personal health. Take breaks between studying, homework and class. Eat your food outside rather than at a screen in the library. Take some time for yourself in your own world before you step back into the world of academia. This also means rewarding yourself for the good job you’re doing trying to be a studious student in the first place.

Kaylah Young is a senior at VCU. She is majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in journalism, and a minor in political science. Kaylah has a passion for writing, reading books, and working out at the gym.