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5 Reasons You Should Pay More Attention To Your Social Battery

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Perhaps this is a controversial take, but sometimes, after a week full of classes, the thought of going out and partying is the last thing I want to do. Yes, some of my best nights from college have been dancing with my friends late at night in our best outfits (actually, getting ready to go out might be the best part, IFYKYK). 

My friends always make fun of me for having a short social battery and being a homebody, but I’ve recently been loving that about myself. Taking time on the weekend to just focus on myself and recharge makes me have that much more energy for my week. Finding a balance between going out in college and staying in can be quite tricky. During my freshman and sophomore years, I felt a certain pressure to go out, even if I was not feeling it at all. There’s this expectation that college should be the craziest years of your life. I felt pressure to make every night special. I previously thought that meant going out to parties, getting late-night Christian’s Pizza and passing out on my bed with my makeup still on. This year I’ve found that having that chill night in with my roommate (my best friend, I’m so lucky) is more special. Many of us struggle to find time for ourselves, and I cannot think of a more special time than taking care of ourselves. 

With that being said if you want to go out and party, go out! Again, it is all about listening to your wants and needs. However, if you’ve been feeling particularly drained and dreading the weekend, here are five reasons why you should have that chill night in and listen to your social battery when it’s running on empty. 

You have your whole life ahead of you. 

This may sound cliche, but college does not have to be the only fun years of your life! It is only a short period of all the memories you’ll make in your lifetime. Don’t force yourself to do things you truly don’t want to do. 

You can do all of the things you didn’t have time for over the week.

There’s always a million errands and tasks I wish I could’ve done over the week, but was unable to get to after my other priorities. Catching up on laundry and getting groceries may not be the craziest Friday night, but I promise you, it’ll make you feel better to get something crossed off that to-do list. 

You can make memories with those closest to you. 

The truth of the matter is that socializing with certain people requires more energy. Spend your weekend with people who don’t drain your social battery. Have a chill-movie night for a wholesome night in with your closest companions.  

Improving your mental health.

It’s not always easy to prioritize your mental health over the school week. I found that staying in, even for one night of the weekend, has helped me improve my mental health. I am able to reflect and take time to recharge.

Having a social battery for the week!

Recharging over the weekend allows you to be more social during the week, so you are not as drained. That way, you have fun things to look forward to throughout the week. Taking time to be social throughout the week can be much more fun than a weekend bender!

Here’s my disclaimer, especially to all my home-bodies out there, sometimes we do need that push to leave our comfort zone, but you know when something feels right and when it doesn’t. Listen to your body and mind cues and make the right decision for yourself. Have that crazy, wild night out, but take time to recharge, because YOU DESERVE IT.

Hi, my name is Namitha and I am a sophomore at VCU majoring in Biology. I believe writing has the power to move people and make the world a better place. I love watching shows, specifically murder mysteries. In my free time, you'll find me at the mall, gym, or napping on my couch.