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5 Natural Hair YouTubers That’ll Take Your Curls From Pitiful to Poppin’

When it comes to having natural hair, the journey is never-ending. There are always going to be new techniques, products and style for you to choose from. And with all these choices, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. But one of the greatest tools that we have is the internet, specifically YouTube.

Unlike our parents before us, we don’t solely rely on word of mouth and a prayer. Now we have people whose entire media platform is centered around giving hair care advice and testing out new products before we make the commitment.

But not every natural hair YouTuber is 100 percent reliable. Some tutorials are not detailed enough. Some YouTubers will give advice without disclosing what their hair type is. Some use so many expensive products and complicated methods that it feels impossible to follow.  It can be hard to find creators whose videos line up with our needs.

So who’re the natural hair care YouTubers we can trust? Who’re the naturalistas that are a cut above the rest? Well, in my opinion, the five people below are the ones that’ll elevate your natural hair game to the next level. 


1. Naptural85


Hair Type: 4A/4B

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the queen of natural hair YouTube. And she’s beyond earned that title. Whitney White, better known as Naptural85, has over 1 million subscribers who tune in to her tutorials and product reviews. Her tutorials are informative, easy to follow and abundant. Everything from wash and go’s to blowouts, Naptural85 has you covered. 

Must Watch Video: My favorite video of her’s is “Stop Excessive Shedding + Hair Loss Fast/ How to Tea Rinse”. I’ve been following her method for about a month now and it works like a dream.



2. WillOnAWhim



Hair Type: 3C/ 4B

When it comes to personality and hair advice, WillOnAWhim has got you covered. Will Humphrey, better known as WillOnAWhim, has been on YouTube for two years and has over 169,000 subscribers. And after watching one of his videos, it’s clear to see why. His sense of humor is one of the best things about his videos. And the fact that you great advice along with it. It’s a win-win.

Must Watch Video: A video that I would recommend would be his “HOW TO ACTUALLY MOISTURIZE HAIR (dry, brittle, and rough)“. If there’s one thing that natural hair needs its MOISTURE. And this video has some pretty good tips. 



3. Chizi Duru

Hair Type: 4C

When it comes to the natural hair YouTube community, 4C hair often finds itself underrepresented. Being the tightest curl pattern of the type 4 bunch, it’s far too often written off as “ugly” or “nappy” or “unmanageable” which is FAR from the truth. 4C hair is just as beautiful and manageable as any other hair type, as long as you take care of it. And YouTubers like Chizi Duru are here to help. Not only does she supply great advice for 4C haircare, but she’s also incredibly vocal about 4C hair representation on YouTube. 

Must Watch Video: 10 out of 10 would recommend watching her “6 Back to School Bun Hairstyles”. A bun is an easy way to look chic and put together and Duru pulls all these hairdos off with ease. I would also recommend her “I Tried Following…” series, a series that involves Duru trying different hair and makeup tutorials from other creators. It’s incredibly entertaining. 

4. NappyFuTV

Hair Type: 4C

NappyFu TV was the first YouTuber I watched after going natural. Her videos were an absolute lifesaver! My favorite thing about her videos is the fact that usually, she covers what to do AND what not to do. Going natural for the first time is an incredibly intimidating decision and if it wasn’t for her videos I probably wouldn’t have gone natural at all. She’s funny. She’s honest. Her tips are 100% effective. And her curls are gorgeous! Plus she, like Chizi Duru, has also been passionate about 4C hair visibility on YouTube. So give her a watch today. 

Must Watch Video: “Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make on 4C Natural Hair” is a great video that’ll teach you what NOT to do when you have 4C hair and how damaging it is for your hair. Before this video, I did these things and had no idea of the real damage I was doing. 


5. Chazzzisawesome

Hair Type: 4C/ 4B

Chazz Carter, also known as Chazzzisawesome, is the lazy naturalista’s dream influencer. She has so many quick, easy tutorial that even the laziest of the lazy (i.e. me) can get their hair looking stunning with minimal effort. Her videos have nice production value and she has this quirky, relatable charm that makes her videos a pleasure to watch. 

Must Watch Video:  My favorite video of her is “Wash Day Routine EASY For Type 4 Naturals On The Go”. As a type 4 natural who’s on the go, I really appreciate when influencers, who’re busy themselves, give tips like this that’ll keep your healthy while not taking 10 hours to do so. 


Going natural can seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. With the internet on your side, you can accomplish anything! Were there any YouTubers that I missed? 


Photo Credit: YouTube

Arianna Coghill is a Print and Online Journalism major in her junior year at Virginia Commonwealth University. She's a huge fan of Tracee Ellis Ross, the Harry Potter series and thinly veiling her insecurities under a layer of sarcasm. She misses the oxford comma dearly and can usually be found writing and/ or binge watching various sci-fi television shows. #blacklivesmatter
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