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5 Bath Products for a Stress-Relieving Soak

I learned the hard way in high school that working four hostess shifts in a row after a long week of high school will wreak havoc on your body. I became used to soaking my beaten body to a prune every Sunday night. My investment in bath bombs and products skyrocketed. The insane amount of money I shelled out at Lush Cosmetics and beyond made me the expert in bath products perfect for unwinding. Here are five products for a stress-relieving soak.

1. “Lapis” bath bomb by Adorn 

Urban Outfitters carries a line of bath bombs made by a company called Adorn and the Lapis bath bomb mimics the experience of lounging in glitter-filled sea water. The bomb itself is multi-colored as it unfolds in the water and end result is crystalline blue flecked water with holographic glitter. Lapis’ aroma is of sea salt, beechwood and freshly picked sage. It’ll leave you sniffing your arms non-stop for hours. If you close your eyes, you are literally transported to a serene Floridian beach in the comfort of your own bathroom.


2. “The Craft” bath bomb by Foxie Cosmetics 

Foxie Cosmetics, a one woman show run by Kayla Phillips, makes a pale purple bomb called The Craft. Smelling of earth, pomegranate, coconut meat, cinnamon, pistachio milk and magnolia, it’s virtually a beautiful spicy latte mix for your hot bath water. The lavender-colored water is left speckled with rose petals, ensuring you will feel like Marie Antoinette soon enough.

3. Pumpkin Chai bath scrub by House of Intuition LA 

Move over, pumpkin spice latte. House of Intuition LA has released a pumpkin chai bath scrub, a liquidy, oil based concoction meant to heavily moisturize in the tub, while it rids dead skin cells. Brown and white sugar are the main exfoliating agents, while essential oils moisturize and sea salt draws out impurities. The scent is literally identical to Starbucks’ pumpkin spice chai tea latte, with the exception of smelling more like a latte mother nature would whip up in her garden kingdom with all-natural ingredients.

4. Vanilla Mint froth bomb by Pacha Soap Co.

As I was strolling through Whole Foods one day after work, my decrepit body stumbled upon a basket overflowing with bright bath bombs. After dropping a vanilla mint one in the tub that night, I knew it had become an instant favorite of mine. The Vanilla Mint Froth Bomb from Pacha Soap Co. is extremely fragrant. It leaves the soaker’s mind solely on the wonderful fragrance and not any stresses the day has acquired. Its bright blue waters streaked with gold ain’t half bad either.

5. “Guardian of the Forest” bath bomb by Lush Cosmetics

Finally, we return to the mother company for bath bombs — Lush Cosmetics. The recently discontinued Guardian of the Forest bomb is available on Amazon (thank heavens), and leaves you in an oasis in the middle of a rainforest, undisturbed. The teal tinted water smells identical to freshly fallen foliage, mimicking the strong scent of a herb garden. Although not floral, this bomb’s aroma is simply unforgettable and makes every trouble seem to melt away.

Take it from someone who has tried endless bath bombs and products, you need these products in your cabinet to grab for those stress-filled days. 

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Madeline Wheeler is a journalist major with a focus in print and online journalism at VCU. In her free time, she enjoys drinking floral teas, going to underground concerts in smoky basements, and hunting for keys to the past in antique stores.
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